October Photography Challenge - Day 3: Clouds

Day 3: Clouds: I actually took these pictures yesterday {the afternoon of October 3rd} because the weather here in Sydney was all kinds of random. Windy and stormy one second, overcast the next, then bright blue and sunny a few moments later. These were all taken from our apartment balcony in the late afternoon. Spring weather is weird.

I ended up really loving the random power line in the last cloudy shot, so it became my chosen image:

For more information & to check out the other participants, click on the image below, or follow the Flickr stream.

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Meg @ Moments Like This said...

I like the series of pictures you took. Great job!

Sana said...

So beautiful :)

Rose said...

Looks like the crazy weather we had in Brisbane but in reverse!

I really like the last cloudy shot with the power line, seeing that bright blue sky peeking through!!

Licorice and Olives said...

Oh my goodness, the weather there really is crazy, I love the addition of the powerpole! Nice!

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