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Oh, do I have a lot to tell you.

The wedding is over, the recaps are done, life has gone on... and now I can catch you up on what else is going on around these parts. So what's been happening?
I've been working. Working so, so hard. I love the school that I work at (pink fluffy heart love it, in fact) and my Year 1/2 class are sweethearts. That being said, this has been the hardest term of my teaching career. When I came back from our honeymoon & the school holidays that almost immediately followed it, I was greeted into Term 3 with two new faces in two weeks. The first kidlet was an import from a local Catholic school, who supposedly had no behaviour problems, but was just a 'cheeky' child. Ha. He's a right little worm, actually. But he's manageable - unlike the second kidlet, who is just... off the scale.

He's a foster child with a history of abuse, and is completely and utterly emotionally unstable. The child was removed from two public schools because of his behaviour, but has no funding from any government agencies for support, as he has no diagnosed problems. Since the beginning of this term, he has changed foster homes no less than 10 times, has been removed from my classroom repeatedly, has done multiple 'runners' and has left the school grounds & tried to walk across the highway that is adjacent to us, has strangled animals at his carers' residences, has physically trashed school and office buildings. The kidlet is seven, and is able to physically and verbally intimidate other kids AND adults. It's a scary situation.

Then there's the whole baby thing - which has proven to be as completely irritating in reality as I'd always assumed it would be. Another joy that we've discovered in the past year is that as well as all the glamorous side effects of PCOS, I'm not ovulating. And as any fertility-savvy person would know, no ovulation = no baby. Well, that just sucks. In December, I visited my doctor to complain about things not working and to get some answers. I was told to continue taking my Metformin tablets and to 'give it some time'. In July, I visited my doctor again because I felt this waiting was pointless, as things still weren't working. I was told to increase my Metformin dosage and to 'wait for another six months, things will work themselves out'. 
By September I'd lost my shit, so I went back in with my cycles, BBT charts & OPK results, and told them I was tired of waiting. I've been on a wait-list to see a RE for a fertility appointment since then, and my first meeting is scheduled for mid-October. (I KNOW. WAITING. ALWAYS WAITING.)

I'm relieved to finally be doing something about this, even though the wait sucks. This journey is going to be long, frustrating & probably boring as heck, but I have everything crossed for some answers. In the meantime, I've started an offshoot blog for everything TTC-related, because I don't know how much or how little you guys want to read about the journey - especially when every second post I want to write is a whinging one. But if you're so inclined, you can visit it here.

Other than that, we're just plugging away at life together as newlyweds. I am pinteresting way too many potential furniture designs, craft ideas, and heck, even future animals, because it's all I can do at the moment. And then there is the random photography stuff I'm playing along with during October... and the (almost finished!) 365-project I've been working on over at my Tumblr blog. Busy, busy, busy.

Oh... and did I mention that our house is coming along nicely? Slowly, but nicely.

So tell me.... how have you been?

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Alana said...

Hey lady! Just thought I'd stop in and say don't give up, you'll get there! I've been attending a PCOS program at a research hospital here, and you're right - it is totally daunting. All these women in the same, awful, frustrating situation with little in the way of helpful answers and you're trying to will your body to just WORK PROPERLY ALREADY and it won't. Sigh. But! I happen to have met two women already who were completely anovulatory from their PCOS who managed to get pregnant and have perfectly awesome babies. Promising! Anyway, totally rooting for you here, and I'm sure the fertility doc will have some great advice (seems like PCOS is a dime a dozen these days). All the best!

Kelly said...

Oh, Aly. I cannot imagine how frustrating TTC is for you and Jase. I hope you can keep pushing for answers and that you get the help you need!

And I gotta say, yikes that poor little boy. You must feel terrible for what he's gone through, yet scared of what will happen in his future. So scary!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Oh Ally. The school kid, the lack of kid, so much suckage!

But the house - the house that's building it's way slowly and will become a home for you and Jason and what ever babies (fur or otherwise, hopefully both!) come your way; that does not suck in any way.

Me? I need sleep and tomorrow (your today?) is one of those -5 birthdays...how did I get so old?!

Jade said...


I'm so scared that when we really start trying for a baby that it won't happen straight away either. I really hope that you and Jase can have lots of babies as soon as possible.

J x

Unknown said...

Oh dear, my mum has taught kids with similar behavioural problems to your little guy, and I know firsthand the stress involved in having them in the classroom (or not, on any given day) and how much it hurts the rest of the class. And their stories are enough to break your heart - I really hope that you or someone can find a solution for your kid that can help him have a normal school life!
Good to catch up with the rest of your news too - building a house, trying to conceive... it's all happening!

Angela Noelle said...

I'm so sorry you've been having so much trouble getting help with your fertility troubles. I wouldn't wish this feeling of hopelessness and sadness on anyone, and I hope that you find a doctor who is ready to be proactive FOR you and help you get your baby in your arms! If there is any good news in all of this it's that YOU have been proactive in learning about your body and will be able to speak with confidence and knowledge when you do have your appointment. Thinking of you!

Runner Leana said...

Aly, just wanted to send you lots of love and hugs as you travel down the TTC path. I hope you are able to get some answers soon!!!

PS - So sad to see you say goodbye on the bee!

Kristie W. said...

Just popping in from the 'Bee to say hello. So sad to see you leave but at least I can still follow you here. Good luck to you and your hubby as you TTC a wee Jaguar.

Fuzzy Cert said...

We have a dog down the back at work that the kid can come and strangle if he'd like.... Max will sort him right out.
He doesn't need arms, right?

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