11 weeks + 5 days

Okay... I am officially losing my marbles. Our scan is in TWO DAYS. Two days!!! THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

{starts doing the 'crazy lady frolicking around the house in stretchy waisted pyjamas' dance}

12 weeks is so close, I can almost taste it. I can smell it, at least.. and it smells pretty darned good. :) I always said that I'd share the news after we got the all-clear from the ultrasound, so I've got a plan in place for sharing. Most close family members know already, so I don't need to do any surprising announcements there. My grandparents don't know yet, so I'll be ringing them to share the news. All my close friends know, so they're good... which just leaves my overseas friends/people I don't see often - aka, the land of Facebook.

I'm kind of excited to be 'coming out' .. having this secret has been really hard. I've had it fairly easy, all things considering - because of IVF, we've never hid this pregnancy from my work, so they've been very supportive. I will have to be creative and think of ways to share the news with my class of Year 1 kiddos. I think they'll be VERY excited! (& parents should be happy, since I'm not due this year and interrupting their kids' progress.)

I've staggered my progesterone pessaries pretty well throughout all of this, since I have TWO MORE ready to use: one for tomorrow morning (Sunday) & one for the next day (Monday). After that, I'm done. I'm really happy to be done with them; no more leakage! No more wearing pads like an 80's teenager! Getting my lady parts back! Actually feeling like USING them again, if you know what I mean! All warrant exclamation marks. It's pretty exciting stuff. I'm still terrified of not having the progesterone support, but I'm trying to have faith that my body will know what to do from here on in.

I still can't find a heartbeat on our Doppler. I know 12 weeks is still early, but I really thought that I would have heard it by now. I thought I heard something a few weeks ago, but looking back, it was too slow to be baby - must have still been mine. And last week, I swear I heard a super soft bébé heartbeat, but I haven't been able to find it again. I'm sure it's in there somewhere, buried in behind my belly rolls. :) 

I wonder if they listen for a heartbeat during the NT scan?

I'm desperately hoping for a healthy, moving baby - one that's growing well and looks strong. Wish us luck!

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JB said...

They will listen for the hb at your scan but you'll probably see it before they let you hear it :) so excited for you! I couldn't hear a hb on the Doppler until about 14 weeks I think.

Alana said...

Yay! I love your updates.

They definitely searched for heartbeats at my 12 week scan, so I would imagine it'd be the same for you. One thing I learned about dopplers is that it can be hard to find the heartbeat if the placenta is anterior-facing (because it's in front of the baby). One of my babies has an anterior-facing placenta and the other is posterior, so one heartbeat is super clear and easy to find with the doppler and the other is muffled and takes forever. Just something to keep in mind when you're waving that wand around!

Can't wait to see you come out on FB and share your happy news with the world!

Hotpotatokate said...

I only saw it at scan, heard it for the first time 2 weeks later at my next MW appointment :)

Yay for scan day!

Jen said...

So soon! Very exciting :)

Even my midwife had trouble finding Caitlin's HB at first, until she was able to feel which side she was lying on. Plus it seemed to be easy to pick up the umbilical cord rather than the actual HB, I couldn't tell the difference until she explained. Her placenta was anterior like a previous commenter mentioned. Anyway, as frustrating as it is, try not to worry that you can't find the HB yourself just yet- even the pros can struggle!

V. said...

Oh, that is so soon! Fingers crossed for Monday's appointment.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! We didn't get to hear the heartbeat at the NT scan---we only saw it beating (still cool though).

Angela Noelle said...

We opted not to do the NT scan, but I think they started listening for the heartbeats (as opposed to just seeing them on the u/s) at my 11 week appointment and we heard them then. It can take a few weeks longer sometimes though, so don't be discouraged if you don't hear it tomorrow!

Breanne said...

Aly,I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations!! Much love and many wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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