14 weeks + 4 days

All is going very well on the baby front. My tummy feels huge, and I've had several comments on how much I've 'popped out' in the last few days. Today's comments were all asking how far along I was - wasn't 14.5 weeks a little early to be so big? Honestly, pregnancy is bizarre. First people ask why you're not showing - then when you do start showing, the opinions start! I, for one, am embracing the tummy, and happy that I'm finally starting to look as pregnant as I feel.

We've had some crazy news over the last few days, and I can hardly believe that some of it hits us from next week - Jase is heading overseas to Germany! He'll be doing some training and development with his firm's Europe branch, and he'll be away for just over four weeks. Can you believe it? We found out on Tuesday... and he leaves on Monday. As in, Monday FOUR DAYS AWAY. Crazypants. I'm ridiculously excited for him - it's a great opportunity, and he's been desperately missing Europe, so I was encouraging him to go along if it was offered. He'll also get to catch up with his brother & old colleagues/friends, since he'll likely pop over to London every now and again for visits.


So that means it's just me, the kitties, the puppy & the wee one for a little while. I'm not fussed about being alone - I've done it before, and besides.. I feel oddly calm and content right now. It'll make the time go by, and that's a positive thing! :) I'm going to give him a whopping great list of baby clothes and stores I want him to visit {mostly Primark for cheap and cheerful bebe bits & pieces} so hopefully we'll have a nice few surprises when he comes home in early December. I'll be 15 weeks when he leaves & 20 weeks when he gets home!

As for our upcoming scans, he's happy for me to go ahead with them, so I'm taking my next best thing: my mum! She was great to have with me at the NT scan, and since we had to deal with scary news then, I'm preparing already for future scans. {Preparing - not worrying.} Hubby still wants to know the gender as soon as possible, so hopefully if baby co-operates, we'll have a good idea at the 16 week scan. If not, we'll be trying our best to find out at the 19 week one! I'm under strict instructions to ring/message/email/all of the above, as SOON as I know the gender.. even with the crazy Australia-Germany time difference. :)

I also had to make a decision about what I was planning on doing with work for next year. Our teaching year runs from January to December, so I'm finishing out this contract and having a break over Christmas. I've decided to stop working then, since I'd only realistically be available to teach several weeks of February/March before I'd be stopping closer to the due date. If I feel up to it, I'll do some casual teaching cover days at my current school - they've been nothing but supportive, and I definitely feel as though I've made the right decision there. It's a weight off my shoulders, knowing that I have just under a term to go.

So, that's life right now. I'm spending as much time with the husband-man as I can this weekend, we're stockpiling heavy grocery items before he goes {cat litter, dog food, etc} and enjoying each other's company before he flies out next week. I'm also trying hard to fight a head cold that my students have been passing around, but I have a feeling I'm fighting a losing battle with this one. My immune system is focussed on the baby - just as it should be.

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Teacher Anonymous said...

Nice to finally be looking pregnant, isn't it? The whole belly size thing is just crazy. I've got a friend due 5 weeks after me and we've been blowing people's minds when we tell them that, as she is WAY more round than I am. I'm finding it even varies from pregnancy to pregnancy, as I showed earlier with this one, but then I didn't pop out as soon, so I'm only now getting to be the size I would expect. Strange, no?

I know it sounds crazy, but you're going to have so much fun sorting through baby clothes. My advice? Clear plastic tubs for each size. Really great when they're tiny and change sizes frequently. These days, I do a lot of end of season sale shopping for the next year, so it is great to be able to pull out my stash and figure out exactly what I have and what I need in each size.

Teacher Anonymous said...

5 days after me, I mean.

heidikins said...

Oh wow! That's a big change with J heading back to Europe for a while! Exciting for him/ya'll, though!

And, as always, you are so lovely. Just think, after this term you won't have any more immune issues due to kidlets! (Well, kidlets that aren't yours.) Yay!


Sweet Mama M said...

Wow! Those are two very big changes! As a teacher I can totally understand your decision to not go back under contract for next year.
It's funny, Jase going to Germany reminded me of when I was four. Dad had to go to Japan on business and mum was eight months pregnant. He was a little bit worried but she told him not to worry, the hospital was just down the road. What a brave woman she was! And you're pretty awesome too - with all you've been through, no one could blame you for wanting him to stay around!

Novella said...

That's very exciting for J - good plan for next year with the teaching - the break will be wonderful.

Lisa said...

One of my friends is like three months and already has a belly. Another didn't even look prego until she was past 7 months. Craziness. Hope all goes well in Europe for the hubs!

Cassie Dash said...

I would lose my mind if my hubby was going to be gone for that long. I didn't even like a two-day business trip he went on earlier this year! But I'm glad you're a much more supportive wife than I am. :)

And so happy that your belly is starting to poke out. I loved watching my belly grow!

Jamie said...

What an exciting time! I hope he has a fabulous time in Europe, and I hope you have a wonderful time living the single girl life for a little while!

erika said...

What a cute belly:) Congrats on the pregnancy!
Happy ICLW #51

Jen said...

It's exciting when you start looking pregnant to other people- of course the comments start rolling in, and everyone has an opinion!

I went back and looked at your 12 week scan, my guess is girl. I'm 3/3 correct but I'm not completely sure. Caitlin was easy, very obviously a girl!

Lots going on for you, hopefully it makes time pass a bit faster.

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