B vs D

Weird title for a blog post, right? It probably seems even weirder when I tell you that it's a post about stomachs.

It seems there are two types of bellies in pregnancy. There's the 'D' belly - the one that pops out gradually {and then NOT so gradually!} and forms a lovely round basketball. And there's the 'B' belly, the one that is divided into two - a part above the belly, and a section underneath. I've had that belly for the longest of times.

I'm sure it's no surprise, but I really, and I mean reallyreallyreallyreally REALLY want to eventually have a 'D'.

Sometimes I get envious of baby bump pictures and threads, as there are so many beautiful bumps out there that stand out all on their own. When we've been taking our weekly shots, I cup my stomach with my hands, so that the 'B' is less noticeable, because it feels more like my regular belly size than it does a pregnant mama tum.

It's still early days for us now at 13 weeks + 4 days, but I do see the lower part of my belly starting to swell a wee bit. When I use our doppler, I find baby way down low underneath my tummy & still near my pelvis - so there's still a lot of room to move up. My hope is that as things to start to rise and shift, the 'B' will become a 'D'.

Whatever happens, I'm ready to embrace the belly. It suddenly feels as though time has slowed down again, since we're slow on appointments and scans for a good few weeks yet... so this is something that I can look forward to!

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Just T said...

Hang in there and in no time at all you will be carrying around a basketball belly :)

Jess said...

You WILL have a D! You are ALREADY such a lovely pregnant lady... and will only be more so as your belly grows!

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW! I'm sure you'll get your D and it will be as amazing as you dreamed it would be!

Rebecca said...

Hello from ICLW. I'm sure you'll have a cute "D" shaped belly in the later part of the second trimester.

Alana said...

So, firstly I'd just like to say that you are super adorable by nature, and thus, are already a super adorable preggo, regardless of the 'letter' of your belly.

Secondly, might I suggest buying yourself some cute maternity wear? Not sure if you're feeling preggo enough for that yet (I am a bit ahead, and with two instead of one, I'm sure I'm much bigger), but I found that maternity clothes make me actually look pregnant whereas wearing my usual non preggo clothes (even if they still technically fit just fine) kind of give me a non-descript blubber belly/muffin top that maybe could be pregnant but maybe you should just not say anything in case I'm just fat. Today, for instance, I wore non-maternity leggings, and the waistband hit my belly in a very un-flatting fat roll kind of way that I really would rather not show off (full-on stretchy maternity waistband panels are my friend). This also seems to apply to already-skinny, early-pregnancy ladies believe it or not, as I recently went maternity shopping with my teeny-tiny-also-18-weeks-pregnant girlfriend who had a teeny little 'maybe she just had a big lunch' belly, and then when she finally tried on some maternity pants it was like, 'oh, there it is!'

(Don't mean to blather on about this, by the way, but I have obviously been thinking a little bit too much about the shape of my own belly and thus, can totally empathize. But again, you're super adorable no matter what)

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