15 weeks + 1 day

Well folks, I am officially a single lady - for a few weeks, at least. Hubby is safely in Germany and I'm trying to keep myself busy here at home.

Luckily, I have been booked up this week by lovely people keeping me company and keeping me occupied.  Unluckily, school dramas have been making me completely exhausted, so I'm tired in not-so-positive ways too.

I know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with/about the use of at-home dopplers, but can I tell you... ever since I actually FOUND the baby's heartbeat, that thing has been a saving grace for me. Going so long between appointments, ever since the high risk scare, has been hard - so just having a quick listen every now and again to hear baby pounding away is awesome, especially seeing as I'm too early for movements yet. I have a feeling that wee baby & I are going to be touching base with one another more frequently now that it's just us. :)

My belly seems to have shrunk back in this week, though it's still bigger at nights. I hung out with a friend who's a few weeks ahead of me, and her gorgeous {and perfectly round} bump is definitely making itself known. Mine still just looks like regular me, just a little poochier. I'm still itching to have people notice that it's a baby belly, rather than an 'I just ate too much chicken schnitzel' belly.

I'll touch base in a few days to share the weekly update, though it'll be a selfy mirror shot from now on, since my photographer is in a whole other continent - hopefully you'll bear with me over the next few weeks!

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audrey said...

If I remember correctly, I think I felt my first flutters of movement at around 16 weeks -- so it may not be that far off for you! Glad the doppler's helping in the meantime. :)

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