High Risk

Those two words aren't ones that anyone would want to see/hear at their Nuchal Translucency screening, but there you have it. We're at a high risk for abnormalities.

Let me backtrack a little bit.

Jase couldn't come with me for the scan today, as he's beginning a two-week conference, so I asked the next best thing to come with me; mum! :) She was really happy to come along, and I was relieved to have someone drive me there, since I was a nervous wreck. I felt physically sick again as we were on our way there. I wonder if there'll ever be a time when going to see baby on the screen will be filled with pure joy vs. absolute terror?

Our sonographer was wonderful - she was so gentle with me, she explained everything as she went, telling me how great the baby was doing. Baby Jag was fast asleep, lying on it's back, with it's heart pumping away. Knowing how paranoid I was, she measured him for me, and bam! Back on track. 12 weeks exactly. Go baby!

The sonographer spent a good amount of time checking out the little one's organs, lengths, placenta and measurements. He's 5.6cm long and has all arms and legs, which flailed about all over the place later on in the scan. The nuchal fold measurement was normal, at 1.4mm thickness, and there was a nasal bone present. The heart was beating away at a healthy 164bpm, and my mum & I both cried like girls when we got to hear it for the first time.

We even got to see a 4D ultrasound - incredible. The detail is amazing! Baby decided to wake up then, and was doing crazy slides and kicks and headstands, which was hilarious. We left the ultrasound feeling relieved, and giddy with happiness. We have a BABY! Doing well! Happy as a clam. I couldn't wait to tell Jase.

Unfortunately, that's where things went downhill.

The blood results also need to be integrated into the risk factors, and as soon as our sonographer passed the scans/test papers over to the doctor in charge, I felt like I'd been kicked in the tummy. That's when I got nervous.

They explained that based on age alone, my risk for chromosomal abnormalities was 1:773. My ultrasound and age combined was 1:3865. But due to discrepancies in my blood-work  a very very low PAPP-A reading of .18 (when it should be 1.0) my pregnancy is considered high risk, at 1:169. The clinic considers anything higher than 1:300 as high risk, so I'm well in that category. I think I was in shock at this point; we'd just had such an incredible scan, how could this be happening?

She went on to tell me that it's not a guarantee, just a risk assessment - that was a 1% chance of something being wrong, but also a 99% chance of everything being fine. She did mention that babies with low PAPP-A need to be monitored for intra-uterine growth problems, but that doesn't usually happen until the third trimester. After explaining our further screening options, we left the clinic. My poor mum, having to witness me losing the plot.

At the end of the day, we won't be doing any further screening. I'm not risking the chances of miscarriage from CVS/Amnio screening, and let's face it - even if they DID flag up concerns, I would never terminate this pregnancy. This is our miracle baby and this was meant to be - so if we're greeted with a special needs child at birth, we'll be in shock, we'll deal with it, and we'll be the best parents we can be and love the crap out of this baby.

Besides... who couldn't love such an irresistible alien face? :)

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Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Aly, what a day! I admire your strength upon letting the news sink in. I assume that they do need to notify you of such a chance, to cover their asses in the event of it actually happening, but I would just do what you're doing right now - looking at your photos and knowing that your bub is right on track with his/her growth. I'm glad your Mum was there with you. Big hugs x

Sweet Mama M said...

Awww hun, it is unfair that you have to deal with this with everything it took to get you to this point. You are strong and I hope for the best possible outcome for you guys in the months ahead.

CBrain said...

It is still a game of statistics having a baby. I know the fear vs joy thing of scans. What a great start to Term 4

Novella said...

Sorry you had such hard news today but you are very brave and strong and baby Jag is lucky to have you as a mumma. Thinking of you with prayers that you will 100% be in the 99% category xox

JB said...

Sorry that you had to/have to go through the stress of all this. I've read a lot that says that those tests produces lots of false positives, too, so on top of the statistic that baby is 99% ok, maybe that helps too :) You're so positive about everything and that is amazing :) So happy baby is growing well!

Just T said...

I don't know what I really think of these test. My good friend was at high risk due to a few factors and blood work, she was a nervous wreck throughout her pregnancy and her son was a beautiful healthy little boy. 99% that everything will be okay is amazing percentage. I love the ultrasound pics!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

Oh, I know that feeling all too well - the thrill of a healthy baby to the crushing news that all might not be well. At my 20 week ultrasound, there were soft markers for Downs Syndrome, we had to go see a genetic counselor and perinatologist. It was terrifying for so many reasons.

My fingers are crossed for you and my heart goes out to you guys. Hoping all is well. xo

Jess said...

So sorry to hear that you have added stress and worry, but so glad that the ultrasound went well! Sounds like a perfect little bub in there to me. And no matter what happens, Baby Jag couldn't ask for better parents. xo.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry that you had bad news today, but like you said, you have a MIRACLE BABY! And no matter what, you have lots of people thinking of you + sending well wishes.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

My friend got virtually the same test results (and her daughter is fine)- I do think a lot of it is the doctors trying to cover their own asses just in case. 99% is the best percentage to have (other than 100% of course) so keep thinking positively! :-)

dspence said...

Here from CDLC. I've been enjoying following you so much through your pregnancy. I'm so glad to look back on this post and know that the next scan laid these concerns to rest. Congratulations, again!

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