The Weekly Run-Down: 12

How Far Along: 12 weeks! Still chugging on along...

Size of baby: Baby is a plum this week. At the ultrasound, it was measuring 5.60cm - so we're growing!

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

As your baby's muscles start to bulk up at this stage, he's getting busy stretching and kicking. When you put your hand on your belly, your baby will likely wiggle in response because his reflexes are starting to develop -- though it's too early to feel his movements. He'll also start to open and close his fingers, curl his toes, and jerk and kick his arms and legs.
Total Weight Gain: Based on my home scales, I'm around the same as last week.

Sleep: Doing better. I'm still up every other night, but the occasional sleep-through's are appreciated.

Symptoms: Some very odd twinges in the lady parts. And lots of ... discharge. (Yeah, sorry about that.)

Cravings: I've been wanting a Subway sandwich for the last few days, and I'm still wanting it - chicken fillet with lettuce, cheese & southwest spicy sauce. Toasted, for melty goodness.

Gender: My mum is positive Baby Jag is a girl after the ultrasound, but I'm still sticking with boy!

Movement: Way too early yet.

Maternity Clothes: It's come over chilly this week - leggings and dresses all the way.

Milestones: Seeing Baby Jag look beautiful on the ultrasound, doing flips & headstands. We announced to the world this week, so this pregnancy is no longer a secret. I am also officially progesterone free - scary, eh?

What I'm looking forward to: I'm back to wanting to get through each week now. I want to see baby growing, and I can't wait for this bloaty belly to turn into an actual baby bump!

The belly: The bloaty/bump is still looking about the same, I think. What do you think?

You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!

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Just T said...

After seeing the pics of your ultrasound, my guess is a little boy :)

Our Wired Lives said...

You look more pregnant to me this week. I'm so excited for you. I really hope to get to join you on this journey soon :)

Rachel / High Wire said...

12 weeks! HUGE milestone!!! Congrats :)

I definitely see a little bump this week.

Jenny said...

Yay for 12 weeks! :)

Novella said...

So excited for 12 weeks! You look great and that is definitely a baby bump :-)

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