The Weekly Run-Down: 15

How Far Along: 15 weeks along, with a few days to spare.

Size of baby: Some say apples, some say oranges. Either way, we're getting bigger & heavier! :)

Random & Interesting Developmental Stuff:  Here's this week's run-down:

Lanugo, your baby's first ultrafine, downy hair, now covers his back, shoulders, ears, and forehead. It helps him retain body heat, but once he gains enough fat to do the job, this hair will fall off -- probably before birth. Facial expressions are your baby's newest trick -- he can frown, squint, grimace and wince. Don't worry -- he's just flexing his facial muscles, not indicating his mood.

Total Weight Gain: This week is showing exactly the same as last week. OB's Friday visit will tell!

Sleep: Terrible. :( It's not baby - it's this dreaded cough I can't shake at night, paired with missing the hubby sleeping with me. I've been a zombie for these past few days, and I'm not a pleasant person right now.

Symptoms: Still with the icky discharge. I've felt nothing but bloated lately. Also lots of twinges down below.

Cravings: Fizzy drinks. Also egg & cheese rolls from Subway.

Gender: I'm still guessing boy.

Movement: Nothing yet. I really can't wait to feel the bubbles!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly normal this week, because I'm still not bumpy enough to fill things out.

Milestones: Nothing massive this week - parents commenting on the tummy regularly at school now.

What I'm looking forward to: OB visit this Friday, and 16 week sneak peek scan next Monday. I am SO ready to find out whether this baby is a he or a she!!!

The belly: Still feeling large and in charge - especially at the end of the day. It'll be selfies for a few weeks. :)

You can catch up on my weekly pregnancy updates {in reverse order} by clicking here. For bump shots - go here!

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Jess said...

You are lovely! And that is quite the bump for 15 weeks! Hope you can shake this cough and start sleeping better soon.

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