12 weeks + 5 days

I feel like I've run a marathon this week - thank goodness for the weekend! It's been a draining few days, and I'm happy to soon be leaving them behind & starting fresh... in the second trimester. {Woo!}

In case you were wondering, I really am doing okay. I mentioned how I was worrying a few days ago, and yes, I am - but not to the point where I'm making myself stressed out. The 'high risk' and the low PAPP-A, well, they're not going anywhere, but there is absolutely nothing that I can do about them, so I'm putting them out of my head. I'd like to think that my worries are natural preggo 'I want my baby to be okay' worries. I promise: all is good.

In more cheerful news, I finally found Baby Jag this afternoon! I've spent the last few weeks randomly searching for the heartbeat. I've been going blind, because.. I don't know where my uterus is. I have a belly in the way after all, and I can't blame it on the little one yet!

I had a grope around and found my own heartbeat echo, again. Disappointed, I was ready to give up, until I randomly heard a noise I hadn't heard before. It was kind of swooshy, but not gurgling - so I stuck around that area for a bit and then, baby! Definitely baby! It was a super fast heartbeat, hiding from me every now and again. Amazing. I recorded some on my phone, in case I couldn't find it later. We tried later, and hubby got to hear it too.

It's ridiculous to admit just how in love with that sound I am - but I'll man up to it. :)

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Novella said...

Glad you are feeling ok about everything. So exciting about finding baby! J must have been so excited after missing the ultrasound the other day!

Jess said...

Aw, yay heartbeat! How fun! Next thing will be MOVEMENT!

Also, I think you're right that your worries are just natural pregnant lady worries. They are exacerbated by your new high-risk status, of course, but I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't worry in your situation. And frankly, I think you're handling this whole situation beautifully.

Enjoy your weekend!

Unknown said...

Congrats on finding the heartbeat!!! How awesome!!!!

JB said...

YAY for finding the heartbeat! I still use my doppler even though I can feel him move. The sound never ever ever gets old. I could listen to it for hours :)

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