10 weeks + 1 day

Some random musings for today...

  • I hate progesterone. I hate how expensive progesterone is. I hate it because it takes up so much time in my day. I hate leakage. I hate the goop that's constantly making my toilet look filthy, the white sludge. I hate it because I need it and can't go without it.
  • Mucus. There, I said it. Just revolting. Also so much more of it this time. *barf*
  • Double digits are amazing, but also terrifying. My next appointment is Thursday and I'll be 10w5d, almost the same point where we found out we lost Noah. #ptsd
  • I am crampy and back achy and sore and terrified. Seriously, will the terror ever end?
  • I love my Doppler. Hubby thinks I'm mental, but I feel the need to check in every morning and make sure baby is still there, heart beating away. Sometimes he hides, sometimes I find him immediately, sometimes he blends in with all of the other whooshes and thuds going on in there. I know that hearing baby's heartbeat doesn't guarantee a healthy pregnancy (trust me, I know) ... but it's nice having one little thing I can control.
  • Gas pains are evil. That is all.
  • I have apparently forgotten everything about being pregnant before - because I feel like I'm over-analysing every twinge, and googling to see if it's 'normal'.
  • Speaking of Google... why does every search about pregnancy end up sending me to a link about miscarriage? It's making me a bit twitchy.
  • My nails are tremendously strong and pretty right now. I'm rather proud of them.
  • Yesterday was my nephew's first birthday, and we had a great time celebrating. My own sweet boy would have been celebrating his birthday this month too, had we been lucky enough to meet him. I can't believe how different our lives have turned out to how we hoped and imagined.
  • Almost 3-year-olds can't keep secrets. Apparently Georgia's been telling her daycare teachers that 'there's a baby in mummy's tummy!' Geez kid. I love that she is excited (she's come to enough appointments to know what's going on) but I'm scared to have to go into damage control mode should the worst happen.
How has your weekend been? 

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Lindz said...

I found that I had forgotten so much about being pregnant the second time around as well (same goes for what you'll find you forgot about having a newborn/infant!) back aches began at that stage for me too because your body is prepping to make room. Think good thoughts lady! Also, stay away from Google - don't torture yourself like that. Always the worst case scenario results. You've got this, keep on trucking!

Christina C said...

Go bub go! I'm so glad it's going well. Stay off google !!

Anonymous said...

Have been quiet but keep coming back to check up on the little one. Just so you know- Google bases it's results off of your previous searches/history, so that's why you keep getting those kinds of results. So don't let it worry you, it does the same thing with people who google certain political standings or any other thing.

Kato Potato said...

Seriously, I'm still checking up often for updates! Hoping bub is growing, growing, growing! :)

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