11 weeks + 5 days

We're at the point of the pregnancy where my anxiety will peak, but it's mingled with complete happiness & excitement too.

Today I'm 11w5d. Happily, baby measured at 12w1d. An overachiever! Totally beautiful in an alien-ish way.
Baby wiggled and grooved, stretched out his legs, and gave the doppler wand a huge wallop while listening to the heartbeat. 
It looked a lot squishier in there today, I guess because baby is growing. Last week it measured 3.8cm, this week it measured 5.4cm! So... seeing that baby was happy and growing, we have a new plan of action.
Next Tuesday: Official 12 week ultrasound and NIPT bloodwork taken.
Following Tuesday: Should hopefully get the call from NIPT blood results from clinic.
Following Friday: Next scan with OB to discuss results and have another peek for growth.
I also have to stop taking my Progesterone, Progynova and Metformin tablets after Tuesday's scan, since the placenta should be up and running well by that stage. Then.. it's into the second trimester, all going well.
I am so in love!

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Christina C said...

So happy for u!!!! How cute are those scan shots???!

Jennifer said...

Could not be happier to read this. Good growing, little baby!

Kato Potato said...

YES!! Grow Olaf, grow!! Sending continued juju that there are no hiccups, except for cute baby hiccups. :)

Adi said...

Such wonderful news! Go Olaf!!!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Now Olaf is measuring ahead?! How far he has come! Yay!!

Feisty Harriet said...



Katelin said...

Eeeee yay!

Nellie said...

Wonderful news, great work, Olaf, keep it up little one xxx

Mrs. Higrens said...

Yay! Keep up the good work Olaf!!!

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