9 weeks + 1 day

Baby measured just fine at the OB on Friday. He thinks all is looking good, heart rate nice and high (over 180 - that seems super high!) and we even got to witness a little leg wiggling on the scan.

The doctor asked me if I was feeling a little better. He is positive, and thinks I should be too - and of course, I'm always relieved seeing a scan with a little bean still where it should be. Thing is, we've been here before. Things looked good... until they weren't. BUT... we're getting closer to milestones that we haven't been close to for a very long time.

9w4d - the length that our baby was when we discovered he had passed away.
11w - the scan that showed our missed miscarriage
12w - the furthest we will have made it since Georgia's pregnancy.

One week at a time.

For now, little baby is measuring 2.4cm, 9w1d, and is seemingly happy and healthy.And just this morning, I was playing around with my old home doppler & I managed to catch its heartbeat here at home. The sweetest sound.

And that, THAT is worth fighting for!

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Belle said...

Oh lady, thought I'd check in (it's been a while, I'm a terrible reader these days) and I'm so happy to see this post. Hoping with all my heart that this is the one. xoxo

Nellie said...

Yes! Little bub is doing great, I'm so thrilled for you guys. Positive vibes all the way xxx

Unknown said...

Yay!! Great news!! Keep on growing little Bub!

Britt said...

Oh Olaf. You're my favourite. Sending so much love your way! xoxox

Jess said...

Yay baby! Everything crossed you hit all those milestones soon--and then some. Xo.

Lindz said...

Thinking positive thoughts! Excited for your family and little Olaf too. The first trimester is terrifying under normal circumstances, I can only imagine how you feel. Stay strong mama and Olaf.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Yay! Continued good news! Love it. Stay strong Olaf!

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