8 weeks + 1 day

I hit 8 weeks yesterday and was so excited - even spent the morning wondering if I should start up a weekly rundown for the blog, to try and think positively that this little one could keep going into a real, take home baby.

That afternoon, I had another bleed. A BIG bleed. I rang the local hospital who rang my OB, who suggested if I soaked at least one pad, to go through the emergency and get looked at. I'd gone through two by that point. With the help of my parents & hubby, wrangling miss G and myself respectively, we sat in the ER for hours, waiting for an ultrasound.

Six hours later, we saw baby. Through the tummy and on the world's most disappointing ultrasound machine, but he was still there & there was still a tiny flicker. No measurements, just a baby where it was supposed to be. A cervical check showed it was still closed, but evidence of new and old blood, so because of that, we now have a label:

Threatened miscarriage.

None of this can be easy, can it?

We got home in the wee hours, had a few hours of sleep, and here we are now, wide awake on a Sunday morning and with not a lot to do other than rest and keep my feet up. We need to ring the OB tomorrow morning and see if he can squeeze us in earlier than Wednesday, and just pray that the baby continues holding on and growing. If I fill another pad with bleeding, they asked me to go back in and present back to Emergency.

I'm still crampy and my back is sore, but I'm mostly spotting brown now. All my other miscarriages, my body had no idea & the embryos/babies were the things to go wrong. This time, it seems like the baby is doing everything right, but my body is being an asshole. I have no idea what's going on!

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Cassie Dash said...

Oh, Aly. This must be so frustrating and frightening. I've never bled in pregnancy, so I can only imagine the tizzy of panic it would put me in. Really hoping the bleeding stops once and for all and that little Olaf keeps hanging on. S/he's a strong one! Hang in there. Hope this all can get a little easier really soon. xo

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