9 weeks + 5 days

Guess which baby has grown arms and legs this past week? THIS ONE!

That obviously makes it a genius and the smartest little snow-baby in the land, right? :)

This week, baby is back to measuring bang on average for dates (9w5d) & almost 2.9cm long and still has a heart rate in the high 170's. It even wiggled around on the screen for me today!

The OB is still telling me all is well, and that statistically, we're looking good... but you know me, always petrified. Next scan will be in a week, where I'll hopefully be in double digits.

On the plus side.. I am officially all clear for taking a nice long bath - provided I make it lukewarm. This week has been pretty calm in terms of bleeding (so far, touch wood & all that) so I'm hoping to take advantage of that and soak my poor achy back.

One more week down. Come on baby!

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Nellie said...

What a gorgeous pic! It's hard not to get excited when you see those beautiful arms & legs.

I know you've been worried about jinxing, and rightly so, but have you thought about borrowing some really cool books from the library for G about having a new baby? Or buying her one for her next birthday? There's so many great books out there about having a new baby or being a big sister. It's a nice way to share the news with her when the time is right. I didn't do this with my son as he was too old for it but he did love a book I bought him called "You're a big brother" by David Bedford (there is a big sister version as well). I gave it to him after his little brother was born and he really felt special.. Sorry if I'm getting ahead of myself here, I know it's early days, just something to think about.

Feisty Harriet said...

Come on, baby!!! You got this!

And, Mama, I certainly hope you can relax a little, even just for a day or two, to ease your aching muscles and relieve your anxious heart.


Kato Potato said...

I keep checking here more often than normal, praying that baby is OK. What a happy St. Patrick's day news! Double digits are so close!!

Lacey Bean said...

YAY! All of the fingers and toes crossed!!

Jess said...

Yay! Hi baby limbs! Glad you've made it past that first 9+4 milestone...

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Go Olaf! And measuring right on track- woo hoo!

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