Dating Scan

Today was our official IVF dating ultrasound.

My estimated due date from our IVF transfer kept coming up as October 15th. At our last few OB appointments, baby measured a little behind those dates. Today, baby measured exactly 7 weeks + 3 days - so our tentative due date of October 15th sticks for now! :)

Heart-rate was up to 152bpm. This week, it looks more like a shark than a tadpole. I can't wait for it to look like a tiny human!

The only questionable thing I noticed when I looked at the ultrasound report when I got home, was that while baby was measuring fine, the actual gestational sac itself only measured at 6w6d, so a few days behind. Hopefully it catches up as the little one grows.

No more scans until next week - so all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for some more growth in that time!

Please stick around, kid. You are SO wanted!!

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Nellie said...

Great news, Aly, Bub is doing so well. Keep growing little one xxx

Kato Potato said...

What a beautiful photo! I can see a tiny, tiny baby. :D Ahhhh. Fingers crossed!

JB said...

Great news, love the update :) keep growing, Olaf!! xo

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Great news! Keep growing!!

Jess said...

I had ultrasounds at 6 and 8 weeks with Callum and 7 weeks with Annika. I just went back to look at the reports in my online medical record and nobody ever measured the gestational sac. In one report it was mentioned as looking normal, in the other two it wasn't mentioned at all. Only the embryo was measured. I wouldn't worry about your gestational sac measurement at all! Even if they did measure it, not sure how accurate sizing/dating of a sac is this far along... all that should matter is the baby. Yay growth!

Unknown said...


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