Baby, It's Cold Outside.

I'm a bit of an odd-ball when it comes to weather. Most Australians who are used to the hot, hot summer weather down under, really struggle when it comes to winter in the northern hemisphere. As for me, well, I've always hated the heat, and summer is my least favourite time of year back home. Needless to say, as soon as it starts getting chilly in the mornings here in London, I'm a very happy camper.

Speaking of the cold, I found the most amazingly cute scarf/hat set that I'm ADORING - anyone who happens to be seeking a stocking filler gift for me this Christmas, I reckon you should start here! Hint Hint, Nudge, Nudge. I'll love you forever!

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Kristabella said...

That is cute! Although, those hats are impractical in Chicago. I need one that covers all of both my ears and all of my forehead. And sadly, the ones that keep you the warmest are the ugliest!

cady said...

that is super cute!

katelin said...

oh that scarf is really cute, i am definitely a fan.

Kirsten said...

Lovely! And totally unnecessary in Las Vegas. I miss real seasons, and I hate the heat.

Riayn said...

Very nice looking hat and scarf set.

Like you, I am an Australian who hates the summer and loved spending winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Obviously, I get to get my butt back over to where winters are truly cold and summers are not that hot.

Jacinta said...

I prefer summer in Australia, but when in London, I actually loved all seasons equally. Winter is so cosy there and definitely the season to celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings. Spring is stunning with an exceptional burst of daffodils and bluebells, Summer is lovely with long summer days and warm summer evenings, and Autumn is gorgeous with all the beautiful colours of the big english trees, cold mornings and bright blue days.
Australia will never be quite the same for you now, but you are lucky to now have 2 places to call home.

Kerri Anne said...

I LOVE that scarf. I can tell just from the picture that it's super cozy warm and I love that. I'm with you, mostly. I don't like snow, but I do prefer cold to super hot, always.

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