Second Hand Booty!

A few days ago, I happened to be taking the garbage down to the compactors in the car park, when I stumbled across something amazing. Let me update this by saying that the garbage run is most definitely not one of my top ten household chores. (I'm always paranoid that the bag is going to break and that a spectacular assault of used kitty litter is going to explode across the hallway of the apartment complex. Don't know where that fear came from. Hope it never happens though. Would be gross.)

You might recall a good few months ago, when I discovered a box of second hand books in the trash room, with a loving sign saying 'help yourself!' - and anyone who knows me at all, would know that books = heaven. Free books = a very happy Aly. Well, the freebie this time around was even better!

Standing all alone in the corner was a tall, skinny bookshelf. At first, I thought someone might have left it there temporarily while moving other things in, so I didn't think too much of it - but the next night, I went back down and checked and it was still innocently sitting there. Upon closer inspection, the bookshelf was in amazing condition. It looked like one I've seen in an Ikea catelogue, simple but sturdy - with four moveable shelves and two drawers at the base. Too good to be true!

At the time, Jase wasn't back yet and there was no way I was lifting that baby on my own, so the bookshelf and I said our goodbyes and decided to let the fates see if it was meant to be at a later date. One of the first things I did this morning, was to send Jase down for inspection - and guess what was still there? Not anymore. Jase carried, I directed, and we've now got ourselves a lovely new cupboard in the bedroom.

Gotta love second hand stuff, especially when it's in good nick. :-) Now all of my second hand books will have a second hand home. Pictures to come tomorrow.

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ashley said...

I love this kind of stuff! :)

Our futon was found on the curb - I was thrilled to get something for nothing.

Sarah said...

Oo, how lovely! Free stuff is good, but free stuff that is worth owning and is in good shape? Congrats on your find(s)!

Erin said...

Woo hoo! Free stuff is awesome...especially when it's in good condition!

Julz said...

congrats on the awesome find! discarded stuff needs love too :)

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