Texas, Yee-Haw!

I'm halfway across the country so far, so if you've stuck it out this long, keep reading!

10. Amarillo, Texas.

Home of lots of cattle and HUGE steak houses! Our first stop into the city was at the Cadillac Ranch, part of Route 66 that my parents had always talked about. I remember that they had signed and stickered a cadillac the last time they were there, so was trying to frantically text them to find out which one was 'their' cadillac. I had no idea the amount of visitors they get, though - and it's literally layer upon layer of spray paint. It was great fun - had a ball taking pictures of them, albeit that the smell of cow manure was a trifle overpowering. After this, we headed into the Big Texan Steak Ranch, home of an obscene challenge involving a hunk of meat and an hour. Four people were trying it while we were eating our regular meals, and all failed. Ew.

11. Dallas, Texas.

Not really sure what I was expecting of Dallas - was just a rather big city! I love the history involving JFK so seeing all of those historical memories and being on the actual site of the assassination was really, really sad. So many buildings in Dallas, and then nice little patches of green scattered around it too. It was so hot while we were there, wow. Remind me never to go trekking across the south in summer again, please? The first night there I was meant to go out to a rodeo, but I felt a bit ill so gave that a miss. The following night we went out to eat at Dick's - home of the famous mean waiters & rude paper bag messages. I guess I came off relatively easily, and decided to take my hat message as a compliment.

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Lacey Bean said...

I've been to Dick's in Boston! They didnt give us paper hats, but our waitress was extraordinarily rude. Quite the experience!

AshleyD said...

Aww Texas! Yay! I'm glad you had a good time. YOu make me miss home. :( Tip #1 for visiting Texas, never go in the summer. The heat is torture!

kirby said...

Dealy plaza was the oddest place. I hated the feeling being there gave me.
"I braid my armpit hair"


Good times ;)

elysa said...

I would love to have met you while you were in Dallas, but I have been way behind on my blog reading so I missed you passing through

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