The Case of the Disappearing Pens.

I have a habit of picking up pens from wherever I go, and bringing them home with me. I think it comes partly from my love of stationery (I love awesome pens) and partly because I'm scatterbrained and forget that I'm holding onto them at the time. Needless to say, I've accumulated a cute little collection of them since arriving here, and so are never short of them at home.

Until recently, that is.

Last weekend, I went to write a post-it note for Jason with the week's shopping list, and he commented that there were hardly any pens in the holder. I didn't pay much attention then, but then today? There wasn't a single pen to be found anywhere in the flat. Now I was puzzled.

Fast forward a few hours later, when we saw Oscar batting something across the floor and over to the hall runner rug. Ha! A pen! We stole it off him and put it in the holder, but five seconds later he was back, pen and all. With a little investigating, Jason lifted up the rug and lo and behold, our entire stash of missing pens (and pencils!) were hiding under there. I guess a certain someone had a great time batting them around the house, until they disappeared and he forgot about them.

We even caught him in action after that, sneaking over to the pen holder, yanking one out with his teeth and trotting across the loungeroom with it in his mouth. Yes, it's safe to say that we've solved the case of the disappearing pens. And as for the culprit, well, he is just far too cute for words.

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Emilie said...

My Lucy does that - not with just pens and pencils, but she goes NUTS over straws. And this time of year, she loves to rip bows off of gifts.

Milo isn't into stealing anything yet, but I'm sure time will tell :)

Teacher A said...

Pens and pencils are great, but my cats' favorite is elastic hair bands. They have some sort of sixth sense and can find them wherever I hide them.

Erin said...

My mom's cats steal her pens all the time. My dogs prefer socks and hair ties!

kirby said...

don't let oscar near your chrissy pressie.

for reals.

we poke cats with pens at work to figure out if they're feral or not. better they try and mangle a pen than my adorable face. (Snort)

Jessica said...


Julz said...

naww that's cute! good thing he's only stealing pens and not like...chocolate. cos really, a chocolate stash going missing is enough to call in a search party.

Siany said...

My Murray loves Elastic bands... it took us a while to figure out what those 'noodle' looking things were in the kitty litter! And also balloons! That must have hurt coming out lol!

Fiona said...

Hair bands for sure

Operation Pink Herring said...

Henry steals things, too. He's very fond of my jewelery, so I had to finally buy a jewelery box (after I caught him making off with my favorite necklace, which I'd hung from the bed frame when I went to sleep!). He's always stealing rubber bands and hair ties and hiding them in his bed. Thankfully he hasn't started stealing pens yet! Madison loves to bat them around if they fall on the ground, but he's not bright enough to steal them out of the holders.

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