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I spent today working up in our North London office, which is one heck of a commute from where I live - so I'm feeling a trifle buggered and slightly incoherent. It doesn't help that I've apparently lost my mind, because I've been scatterbrained all day.

I left the house without a coat on in 8 degree weather and didn't realise I was cold until I was already on the train to work. I didn't charge my Ipod (and conveniently forgot to pack a book in my handbag) and so spent the commute bored out of mind, having resorted to reading the Metro (ack!) and people-watching. And halfway through the way, I had the sinking feeling that I forgot to use deoderant on one of my armpits this morning, because something was just not right with that.


I think tonight I'm going to skip dinner and instead curl up with some America's Next Top Model reruns. At least that way I won't accidentally leave something cooking in the microwave for an hour or set the cat on fire, because at the rate I've been going today - nothing is spared!

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katelin said...

seriously days like those are just so ridiculous. america's next top model is a perfect remedy :)

Emilie said...

Poor Alynda!

One time, a few winters ago, my sister was making hot chocolate the old fashioned way on the stove. She must have not been paying attention, because the blanket she had wrapped around her caught on fire! Now, I bet you haven't had something that bad happen while cooking! =)

As far as the deoderant goes - I've done that too, plenty of times.

Mrs. Higrens said...

At least you were spared the indignity of cracking your head on the unexpectedly-not-fully-raised lift gate of your car while loading groceries. I took that one for the team - and have the lump to prove it.

Chiada said...

Oh I hate those days! I get them too every once in awhile, usually when I am rushed out the door or stressed. Sounds like a cozy, relaxing evening is just what you need. Maybe a glass of red wine and some chocolate are in order along with a good movie?

elise said...

I second Chiada, a glass of wine (or two) and a really cozy blanket and some excellently guilty pleasure tv is JUST what you need :)

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