It Goes A Long Way.

I think after NaBloPoMo is done, I'll go back to my sporadic posting. I think more people read my posts these days when I take my time and leave a bit of a gap between them - not that it matters, but the comments this time around have been pretty average!

It was a beautiful evening tonight, albeit wet and windy. I walked the 20-25 minute route to Bank station, as I'm trying to a) avoid the Central line at all costs and b) add some more regular exercise to my days, and as I was on my way I decided to step into the bank and withdraw some cash. The HSBC around the corner from work has its ATM's inside, so I decided to opt for that one.

As I opened the door, I wasn't alone - a homeless guy was curled up on the floor, escaping the wintery weather outside and enjoying the warmth. He asked for some change, which I literally didn't have to give him, and also asked for cigarettes. I had neither, and he thanked me regardless and asked me what my Christmas plans were in a lovely Scottish accent. He wasn't rude, he wasn't probing; he was just polite, and actually made me smile as he wished me a lovely evening as I headed for the door.

It's that sort of random niceness from strangers that makes you stop and think; and as I continued on my journey to the station, all of my random worries seemed so insignificant - because at least I was heading home to a comfortable bed and a cooked meal. If I see that man again, I'll definitely be passing him some change.

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Lara said...

1. i agree about taking time to post and leaving some time for folks to read. i'll probably return to that after nablopomo is over too.

2. random kindness = awesome. the world needs more of it. i'll try to be randomly nice to someone today, because you've inspired me.

Fiona said...

:) Nice to have a smile

ashley. said...

I can't even imagine how much humility it takes to ask someone for money.

I've cried before for homeless men and women when I've seen them holding their signs. It's so crazy that people live like that.


belinda said...

NOOOOOOOO daily posting much better stick to it I say!!!!!

laurie said...

if not money...give the homeless guy one of your toffee coffees...
have seen people seriously set adrift on the street and seen those that work it (and believe me the homeless chick in scotland was earning more a day than me and hers was tax free!!!)...but regardless of our situation we are all human and all able to smile..maybe you brightened his day too by actually acknowledging him as a fellow human being!!! hope more people do the same!!! hugs all round.
p.s... for some real good company next time you see the homeless guys feeding the pidgeons in the park buy a loaf and join in... an entirely liberating and humbling experience and you'd be surprised how quickly you start to recieve those pitying looks from random passers by and how much perspective it gives you on the street life!!! :)

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