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My friend Tim and I went to the movies this evening after work - ah, the wonders of buy one, get one free passes! We decided to head to my hood, and went to the cinema inside the o2 Stadium in North Greenwich. Despite living directly across from it for nearly a year, I'd never actually been inside - and it's amazing!)

We saw Burn After Reading, which was a bit of an oddity, but that I quite enjoyed, in a sort of puzzling way. I quite literally giggled out loud in certain parts, but then was left shaking my head at others. Not quite sure how I feel about it, yet. Not bad for four quid, though!

In other random news, my thumbnail is a trifle bruised but appears to be staying put, something that I'm thankful for! I'm also anti-laundry right now as a result. Looks like Jase is on washing duty this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend... guess what the forecast is on Sunday in London? At this point in time, it says heavy snow. Did you read that right? HEAVY SNOW! I can't WAIT! I LOVE SNOW! Bring on the SNOW!

Enough with the capitals. Bedtime now. I'm barely scraping in as it is, and it's not even Friday yet. Bring on the weekend, I'm knackered and need some down time.

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Jessica said...

I saw Burn After Reading and pretty much thought it was strange, and I didn't like it. =D
One time my mom stubbed her toe, and thought her toenail might come off. But it didn't... well, not until a month or two later. It ended up coming off only after the new nail underneath grew in. Isn't that weird?! So that might happen to your fingernail.

Emilie said...

I never did see Burn After Reading. I dont think I really want to - most people have mixed feelings on it.

Ahh, weekend! I can't wait either.

Enjoy the snow, I know you love it =)

Jen said...

Snow? Jealous! Have fun :)

I slammed my finger between the sliding door handle and the window next to it. My fingernail was all red and I immediately thought of you.

kirby said...


go patroling.
HAHAHAAHAHA.. god I'm a dork.

Noelle said...

Have a great weekend, and I hope your thumb feels better!

elise said...

I have the same sort of strange feelings re: Burn After Reading. Some parts were just so shocking, and others confusing, and others super funny. I definitely liked it, overall...a friend of ours who saw it at the same time compared it to a really long, extra-dark episode of Seinfeld. I thought that was pretty apt.

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