Frustration. I has it.

I am impatient. I went out and bought the scarf/hat set. Despite looking a bit like a giant seagull is sitting on my head (I don't wear hats well), the scarf is extra snuggly and makes me happy. Particularly since I was also shopping for a Christmas party evening dress and couldn't find anything at all that wasn't a size six, and I was not a very happy camper tonight.

In other news, I'm reading more and more about the documentation surrounding my Visa and OH MY HEAVENS, it's freaking me out. I have all the evidence to prove that I'm eligible, but I'm reading other people's experiences with the whole situation and it seems like the case workers in charge of sorting out and approving/rejecting the Visas are either robots or monkeys, or possibly robotic monkeys. People have complained about being rejected for completely random reasons that make no sense, whilst other people who were missing documentation and had done things wrong, recieved the Visa in record time!


I'm an extra organised, paperwork kind of girl, so I'll be checking everything fifty thousand times in the coming months to make sure I'm prepared. But the stress is getting to me already, and I've barely even begun the process yet. I can't even imagine how nervous I'm going to be during the whole 2-3 month waiting period. Yipes.

I hate that the process is so lengthy. I know it's understandable, but still, it bothers me. Particularly when I'm one of the people doing things the right way, when there are so many illegal immigrants living here who arrived and simply never left. Gah! Frustrating! I need a drink.

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Cat said...

I feel your pain... my visa was rejected over and over for no apparent reason just before I went to France. Now that you know U.S. geography a little better, this should impress you:

I flew from Colorado to Washington D.C. for Christmas. I flew from D.C. to Los Angeles (via Chicago) to HAND DELIVER my paperwork the day after Christmas because I was out of time. (I was a student in Colorado, but my permanent address was in California where my parents were, which is why I had to deal with the French embassy in CA.) I flew back to D.C. on the 27. I drove to New York and flew out to Paris (visa in hand)on the 28th.

It's always an adventure. But you can do it!

Good luck!

Sarah said...

It'll work out, and hopefully in record time, for you. Good luck!

Kristabella said...

Don't read all that stuff, kiddo. It's like when you Google your cold symptoms and then you're like "MAYBE I AM BLEEDING ON THE INSIDE!"

You'll be just fine! It will work out for you! You're teh awesome!

Operation Pink Herring said...

I hate that this is so hard. I remember looking into working in Spain for the summer after I studied abroad there, and it was basically impossible to do legally. You can't get a work visa without promise of a job there, and no one will hire you if you don't have the work visa. It reminds me in a small way of the adoption process - of course they have to be careful, but the process has gotten so out of hand that it's hurting the people it was set up to protect.

Good luck with the visa... Jason made it through the process, right? One real success story outweighs 100 internet horror stories!

henry said...

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