Capture + Send

6. capture
Share your favourite memory captured from 2013. What's your plan to capture 2014?
I think this one pretty much sums it up:
This was the image that Jason took {and yes, that's his hand} that we first shared with the world after Georgia's birth. Because she was breathing too fast, she was whisked away to special care after I held for several seconds, and I didn't see her again for several hours after that. I relied on Jason to go with her, stay with her, and PLEASE bring me back photos - I had barely memorised her face before she disappeared. This image of her in the oxygen headbox, {or buzz lightyear helmet!} was one of the first I saw of her, and her gripping on to her daddy's finger is just priceless. It both makes me smile & breaks my heart at the same time.
In 2014, my aim is to keep on capturing candid moments of Georgia as she continues to grow. We're not good with poses around here - we're in a phase of refusing to smile when the camera is out, and in a constant state of motion. That means the photos may not be clear, or award winning, but they're fun!
7. send
What was the best thing you sent to someone in 2013? What will you send this year?
I'm part of several IVF groups that I've met over the years - most started on forums or blogs, but have turned into Facebook groups over time. One batch of ladies in particular have struggled along with me, and I was the first to receive a positive pregnancy test - so they supported me through early pregnancy all the while battling through their own struggles. I'm happy to say that since our lucky cycle, we have a whole herd of new babies now, with some on the way, and only a few beautiful women still waiting for their miracle. Sending gifts to their new little ones, and tokens of support to those who are still waiting {so they know they are not left behind} has been wonderful - particularly because we are all spread out over Australia. I'm hoping 2014 will see nobody left behind.

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