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18. secure
Are you happy with who you are today, compared to who you were a year ago?
It's so cheesy, but I LOVE who I am today. I love being a Mum, I love having time to focus on home & family. I feel like I'm the same person, but different. I don't have the energy for time wasting, and I feel like life has thrown a few curve balls at us for a reason - to shape the years to come, perhaps? Either way, I'm happy. Happy is good!
19. build
You get to build something this year - what is it?
I'd like to build a strong routine; and I'm getting there. Mon/Wed/Fri are exercise days - just for me. Monday nights are our family nights. We have a great little morning routine that we've built, and I love. Those things are really important to me. But physically? I'd like to build a washing line outside. We never bothered with one before, since Spencer was a destructive puppy & would have probably yanked all of our clothes off the line. I do all our washing and hanging indoors, which is fine - but it means our front room has turned into a laundry room. My poor visitors are greeted with hanging knickers as they walk in the door! ;) It's fine for us now, but as time progresses, it's getting harder to fit all of our + baby's washing there, so that's a goal for us this year.
20. believe
It's 2014: what do you believe in?
I believe in science. I believe that without it, we wouldn't have our little girl. I believe that she is worth every cent of the money we 'spent' to help bring her into our family. I believe that she's a special one, this kid; totally meant for us. I believe that when the time comes to attempt trying for #2 {& if we're lucky} she'll be an amazing big sister. I believe that she's one of the funniest, cutest babies on the planet - but then, I'm slightly biased there!! :) 

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Heather said...

aah she is so cute! I'm so glad you're happy being a mom. I am too!

Sugar said...

Loving this post and following along on weverb!! You are such a great Mum and she is beyond cute!!

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