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21. read
What do you want to read about this year?
I just want to read, in general. ;) I'm working on it! But honestly - I'd like to read about more success stories. I want to read tweets/blog posts/emails from my long-term TTC/IF friends with good news. I still read along the forum posts from my fertility clinic, to follow along with those who have graduated, but also those who are still there. Hopefully we can have more positive stories to read about this year; everyone deserves the chance to be a parent.
22. guide
Do you have a quote/motto/saying for 2014?
Move. Just move. Even if it's a little bit. Move! And if you can go a little bit further - even better! I'm trying so hard to work with this - and guess what? This morning, I ran my first 5km. 5km! This coming from the person who, 25 days ago, was barely exercising at all. Move, move, move. I can totally do this!
23. discover
What was something new you discovered in 2013 from a friend? What do you want to share with others this year?
I discovered the joy of solid foods - thankfully, I have some amazing mama friends who were my gurus. Talking me through purees, mixes, snack foods & combinations to start Georgia on - it was so welcomed, because I was a nervous wreck before starting, particularly when it came to finger foods. {Choking, gagging, ERMAGERD.} I'd like to share any parenting advice or helpful tidbits that I learn over the year with other folks, to pay it forward.

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Unknown said...

"Move." Such a great motto. I should adopt it too! :)

Emilie said...

I remember the day I ran one mile more than any other distance. You rock, lady :)

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