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I love hitting the shops - and it's something I've had to scale back a bit since becoming a SAHM with Georgia, what with one income and all.
I was recently approached and asked to join the Target Australia Blog Hub team, and was thrilled to find out that January's area of interest was BABY. What a perfect opportunity for Breathe Gently! 
I had a few ideas on what I wanted to focus on while I was shopping in-store, but I also wanted to see if inspiration struck me while I was wandering the aisles. I came away from today's challenge feeling chuffed at my finds.
Without further ado, let me highlight some of the goodies purchased from my local Target store during today's shopping adventures. :)
I'm pretty sure hubby was expecting me to come home armed to the teeth with baby outfits - he already gives me grief about the size of Georgia's wardrobe. In actual fact, I did well & only splurged on a sweet summer outfit {in a larger size} to put away for next season. Aren't the polka dots divine? I also found a classic pair of shoes for Georgia - My First Volleys! Nearly everyone I know grew up with a pair of good ol' Dunlops, so I just couldn't resist.
My First Volley pre-walker shoes & Summer Fiesta Story outfit
The baby department is one of my first places to hit when I shop at Target these days. Georgia spent her first three months wearing little other than wondersuits & footed onesies from there! The first thing I discovered while wandering the aisles was a lonely little elephant plush toy - it was so cute, but looked a little out of place just sitting on a shelf on its own. I took it to a price check scanner & discovered that it was part of a set, so off I went, on a mission to find the other half. There was a whole wall of these beauties - as well as the elephant toy, the bundle contains a quilted reversible play-mat. There is also an owl & a fox option, but what can I say? The elephant caught my eye! In similar colours, the waffle knit blankets are great when we're out and about, so I popped those in the trolley too.
Reversible Cot Quilt/Playmat With Plush - Elephant & 2-pack waffle wraps
Another random find was in with the developmental toys & looked like it would be right up Georgia's alley. The O-ball roller is lightweight and nice and tactile - and best of all, can be used either a rolling walker, or as an individual ball. Since we don't have the space for a full sized walker on wheels, this will come in handy when baby girl decides to get her walk on. For now, Georgia was fascinated with the ball, shaking it & rolling it across the ground. It's a hit!
Oball Roller toy
We have a pretty strict bedtime routine with Georgia, which works most days that we're at home. After dinner and a last play, hubby is in charge of bath time! They both love this ritual, so I thought I might try and find a few things from the baby care department to help spice it up a little bit. She is sitting up on her own in the bath quite a bit, so the Safety 1st bath spout guard {aka the cute whale} was exactly what I was looking for. The foam letters and numbers are bright & colourful and will be great fun; perfect for her as she grows older. Bath time for babies is fun.
Safety 1st Whale & Baby Spout Guard & Munchkin Bath Letters & Numbers
And finally, a somewhat related baby purchase that caught my eye as I was headed for the check-outs. You might be wondering why these paper dinnerware sets feature in this post, but I'm planning ahead. You see, Georgia is turning 1 in a few short months - and the loose 'theme' we've decided to go with is BRIGHT rainbow colours! Since it'll likely be a backyard bbq party, these paper sets will do the job well! Loving these cheerful patterns.
Target 109 piece paper dinnerware set
All in all, I'd say this was a pretty productive shopping trip - Georgia's a very lucky girl & I'm a very happy mama.

What have you been shopping for lately?

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Target Australia & Breathe Gently. I have been provided vouchers to purchase goods & have been compensated for my time spent on the project. If you're interested in finding out more, or would like to partner with Breathe Gently in the future, please email me.

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~Mum~ said...

very cool ... i know how much you love target shopping !!!

I adore the elephant set ... so darned cute and the party set is a great idea - i'll have to go check these out for my party (seeing as the gorgeous girl and I share a birthday !!!)

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

I love all of these! Eisley has a smaller oball and absolutely LOVES it! So easy for her to get her little fingers wrapped around it and mvoe it from one hand to the other.

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