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13. cultivate
What creativity or talent did you cultivate in 2013? What do you want to enhance this year?
I didn't feel particularly creative this past year - really, I probably only got my design pants on when it came to picking how I wanted Georgia's nursery to pan out. I am really happy with how it ended up, and I STILL love going in there now. We have a few additional canvases to put up on the walls, but otherwise, it's stayed quite the same - and I think it will for a while yet. This year, I'm trying to write more - not always here, but in journals too. I'm really hoping to foster my talent of super-fast-book-reading too, but having a baby has really changed that! Instead, I'm sticking to my goal of trying for 6 books this year. I'm still plugging away through #1...
14. share
You've been asked to give a 2-minute presentation on 'my biggest lesson of 2013' to a group of friends/colleagues/family members. Share!
The biggest lesson of 2013 was about patience. I could give a million spiels about how becoming a parent has changed my life, but everybody knows that by now! When you're trying to fall pregnant, patience is your worst enemy. When you're working with a known infertility cause {like PCOS and/or male factors} getting in to see a specialist and working out a plan of action can take forever. And then even MORE trying, and waiting, and disappointment - ugh. Patience is just... crap. It may be a virtue, but it's crap. I'm just saying. ;) In 2013, we waited for the baby to arrive - but this time, I was patient. She could come when she was ready to come. All that said, this time it was HER that was impatient, since she decided to surprise us early over the Easter weekend! Good things did come to those who wait{ed} - and so now, we wait for the next challenges, like Georgia's milestones - all we need is a little bit of patience - she'll crawl when she's good & ready to crawl. ;)
15. emulate
Is there someone you want to emulate in 2014? Why and how?
When I grow up, I want to be like my Nanna. She was always really kind and cheerful; she tried seeing positives in most things. I tend to get into worst-case scenario mode & I'm NOT the most delightfully happy person all of the time, but I'm working on it. Having Georgia has helped there! I miss my Nanna so much, it makes me smile to remember her. While I'm thrilled she held on to meet the baby, I'm sad that Georgia won't get to know her in person like we did. I hope that by trying to be more positive and SMILEY like she was, she'll get a little bit of Nan through us.

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