Ten Months

Double digits - ermagerd! This is nuts, man. Georgia is 10 months old & is cruising towards her first birthday.

Goofing off with her daddy.
This month Georgia has:
  • Grown! At her last weigh-in, she clocked in at 8.8kg (65%) and 72cm tall (73%) - meaning my little shorty is officially getting longer than she is heavy. We always had the opposite until now. I noticed that her legs and arms looked like they'd grown in the last few weeks - and they most certainly have.
  • Cut her top two teeth - bringing them to a grand total of 4 now. She's also started grinding her teeth together in the last few weeks, which is a noise that I will be happy to NEVER hear again. It's awful!
  • Taken off! Nope, no crawling yet - but the girl can cross a room quick smart! She does a combination of roly polies, dragging, butt shuffling & pulling. We lost her behind the lounge & in the kitchen the other day; can you tell we're still not dealing with a crawling baby full time yet? :)
  • Gotten LOUD. Seriously, is 10 months a loud stage? We are constantly yelling - happy yelling, cranky yelling, shouting & babbling at the top of her lungs. This place is super noisy.
  • Begun eating finger foods each lunch time in her big girl high chair. She's still not too sure about this whole feeding herself nonsense though; half the time she spends her lunches mashing the food into the tray, and the other half of the time she's cramming EVERYTHING in her mouth all at once.
  • Started to wave to people - we make a habit of telling her HI! or BYE! with a big exaggerated wave of the arm, and she's starting to copy it. It's a little bit cute.
  • Been sitting up really well, and getting down onto her tummy by herself.
  • Saying mum, mama, dad, dada & beginning to say 'hey' & what I swear sounded like 'cat'. 
  • Been busy smooching up to her little baby friends. Lots of fun play dates this month!
You can see all of Georgia's week by week pictures by clicking here.

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Lisa C said...

Her eyes are so blue! And I think she's starting to look more like Daddy.

Emilie said...

Where on earth does the time go? She is one of the most adorable babies I've ever seen - seriously. Those eyes!

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