Mid-January Update

Taking a break from my #weverb-ing for a Georgia update! My little lady is 42 weeks old.. soon I'll stop counting in weeks & start focusing on months. Just 10 weeks until we celebrate her first birthday. How crazy is that?

We're still not mobile, but I'm trying not to worry about that. When she's on the floor, Georgia is constantly rolling and pulling & working things out - but so far that hasn't involved getting on hands and knees simultaneously! She can get to toys she wants, and things she's not supposed to have {remote controls, iPhones} so she's happy enough. :)

She's started putting her hands up for you to grab her when you tell her 'up' & is babbling away as per normal. I swear she said 'cat' the other day, but it was a one-off - I'll believe it if she does it again! She also says 'hi' on the odd occasion. Her waves are the cutest thing, and she is now doing this silly grin with her teeth mashed together.

We've been plugging away at her sleeping routines, and she'd been kicking butt recently - until the last few days. We've gone backwards in the day sleeps; I'm blaming teeth, even though I can't see any new ones yet. There's a tiny lump near one of her top front teeth, but it's nowhere near ready to pop through yet. I hope it is just teeth, because I'd hate for our hard work to be stuffed again. Nights are still good though, thank goodness.

As for me, I've been busy too. Still reading, spending time with Georgia, cooking loads, and started moving more by beginning the Couch 2 5K program. Tomorrow starts Week 3, and I'm enjoying it so far. The scales aren't budging, but I've managed three-four workouts in the last few weeks, so I'm deeming that a victory!

How's your January looking so far?

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sylvie said...

happy 42 weeks, sweet georgia! Like you, theo is also embracing the joys of not moving. He recently started pushing/creeping backwards but aside from that, sitting standing, dancing and chatting are more his cup of tea :)
Keep up the workouts, mama! So proud of you!!!

One and Done? said...

Love Couch to 5K, hope you find it to be worthwhile!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

She's so beautiful! Happy January.

Emilie said...

I do NOT believe Georgia is almost a year old. What the heck! How did we go from silly teenagers to adults with grown up lives and BABIES?!So fun watching her grow up.

I loved C25K. Don't think I would be a runner if I hadn't found that program!

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