dare + cull + transfer

24. dare
What will you dare to do in 2014?
I'm daring to hope. Hope that the future is going to be bright; hope that we can continue to raise Georgia to be a happy & healthy little girl; hope that the year brings us some lovely surprises. Hey, a girl can dare to dream, right?
25. cull
What items are sitting on your to-do list? When will you do them?
My to-do list this year was to focus on my hopes & dreams {in lieu of resolutions for 2014} - and I'm working on them! 6 books in 2014, move more & blog more, and get cooking! Things are already in motion & I'm really chuffed. So far, I'm trying to do them already - the real task is going to be keeping them going throughout the year.
26. transfer
Think about everyone in your life - what do you want them to have this year?
I want them to have HAPPY moments. It's going to be an amazing year for a lot of my friends and family members - 1st birthdays (Georgia + her baby friends), 30th birthdays (me!), 50th birthdays (mum!) & we all deserve to enjoy every moment that's ahead of us. I still can't believe that January is almost over; 2014 is going to fly!

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