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16. watch
What movie(s) did you see in 2013 that you would recommend to a friend?
Probably 'The Hobbit'. I love, love, LOVED the Lord of the Rings trilogy - I'd read the books and really enjoyed them. But as for the novel of 'The Hobbit', I just couldn't get into it. When hubby wanted to see the first movie, I wasn't too keen. I was about 30 weeks pregnant at the time, and didn't think my bladder would last the full session, let alone actually enjoy it! I was pleasantly surprised. We also saw the second Hobbit film at the end of the year, which was just as good. I'm keen on attempting the book again, just to see if it's a little less difficult this time around. Definitely worth seeing, if it's your thing.
17. breathe
How did you make space + peace for yourself in 2013? How will you increase that in 2014?
Taking a bath! I love our spa in the en suite, but it's a luxury I didn't make much use of while TTC or Pregnant - and then didn't have TIME for with a newborn! I've taken to having one at nights once Georgia is in bed, and it's been glorious. Never underestimate the power of bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

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Unknown said...

We have a new awesome bath...have had one bath in it and it was a quick one. Must get into bath.

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW. I loved the Hobbit as well...and was also surprised. I couldn't believe they dragged it into three movies, but the first two I was pretty impressed with so I can't wait for the third.

Rebecca said...

Hi from ICLW. I love taking a nice warm bath and bringing a book with me to read.

Elizabeth Obih-Frank said...

Just looking at your in homespa made me wish for one. That photo of your toes showing made me laugh out loud and then, I realized I take showers now and haven't had a bubble bath in ages...sigh!
Elizabeth From ICLW

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a spa! I need a new tub and I absolutely want to invest in some lovely bubbles! That looks beyond relaxing!

Emilie said...

I have been taking more baths lately and it is really nice. I really want to have a nicer tub when I buy a house.


simply christina said...

I never saw the Rings Trio or the Hobbit. I guess I should, huh? I wish I'd thought of taking a super-relaxing bath.

jess said...

I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy but found it incredibly long winded. It seems like Tolkien describes every blade of grass. That's why I love the movies so much because you can just see the grass.

Whereas, I found The Hobbit a breeze. I think it's ridiculous that they've turned it into three movies but so far they've kept me interested. Peter Jackson has added heaps of stuff though, I think, to keep the story interesting. I'm not going to reread it until the movies are done as I don't want to be constantly making comparisons in my mind.

I love baths too. I seem to take one every night in Winter. Haven't been doing it too much lately as I'm pregnant and I just feel like a beached whale.

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