The Fastest Weekend in the World.

It only just feels like I got home after working last week. Instead, it's already Sunday night - and it's light at 8pm, which means that daylight savings is already messing with my brain, and that the easy wake up calls will abruptly stop as of tomorrow morning. (Which ironically, is the beginning of two weeks of swim school every morning, which I am strangely enough looking forward to.)

This weekend, I've consumed far too many calories to count. I've drank four more coffees than I would normally drink. But I've also had some lovely company, and the opportunity to cross some more items off "The List", which is always wonderful.

Yesterday we drove up the coast from Sydney to Gosford to visit my favourite relatives. Good food, good company, good weather; there's no better way to spend a weekend. After chatting & Thai food, we woke up to a beautiful day and had breakfast on Avoca Beach followed by a game of bowling.. and no, I haven't magically gotten any better at it either. Funny that.

I almost forgot to mention our means of transportation for the weekend!

The venture up the coast was in Ajay's MX5 (Miata) convertible. Check out his snazzy website, and you can see how awesome it is. Nothing like a cruisy and inconspicuous drive up the freeway, when you're sitting in a bright yellow car with music pounding in your ears. He recently installed a windblocker shield, so when the top was down, my hair was hardly moving. Very awesome.

The venture back down the coast was in my parent's beloved Mustang convertible. You can see that on Ajay's website too, under 'family cars'. That one wasn't quite as pleasant, as there really isn't that much leg room when you're crammed in the backseat. Despite being a trifle uncomfortable, I must say this; there is really nothing like relaxing in a convertible while basking in the sunshine with the wind blowing in your face and listening to your favourite tunes on your Ipod.

Next time though, could someone please remind me to wear a freakin' hat?

aly convertible

And one last note: please make sure you head over and visit the lovely Hotfessional's website; this month over there is all about the boobies. I realise it's the end of October, but it's better late than never -- and it's definitely a cause worth making a fuss for. Go on. The boobies need you.

Oh, and don't forget to skip back and ask me a question, if you haven't already.

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grungedandy said...

i thought you'd watched bridet jones's diary you saw what happened to her hair right? he he
glade your weekend went well

seeya hugya


nancypearlwannabe said...

Hee... I'm jealous that it's summery weather there! Convertibles are so much fun. Especially when it's not 40 degrees.

Katie said...

Glad you're having a good time and I hope the rain holds out for your theme park adventures (it's pouring right now and was storming last night!)

Kristie said...

Hi! Just found your blog a few days ago. Good luck on the month long posting.

And, I have a Mustang too and there really is no room in the back seat. That's why I always drive.

kirby said...

LMAO four coffees.... I didn't even have that this weekend, and I'm an addict!
I've resorted to filling the coffee-craving with fruit juice or cordial instead, especially after someone told me theres a connection to coffee and celulite....O_o

Ree said...

Hey you! Thanks. Thanks and more thanks. If you win, can I ship you a slightly surly 16-year-old with your prize? ;-)

Nila said...

You look so cute and carefree. I guess cruising in convertibles will do that for you. Nice sunglasses.

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