Sunday Google-age Round 12.


Another week, another batch of searches that have steered people towards my humble blog. Settle in for some of this week's somewhat strange phrases, captioned for your enjoyment!

Aly + Salt-n-Pepa
Well, I'm Aly. Salt n Pepa were a band from the 90's. Add them together, and you get one rockin' dance party.

Squished Boobs/Hot Skirts/Hot Arse
I grouped all of these together, because I was getting a rather familiar vibe coming from them.. none of which have anything to do with me. Except the squished boobs part, because I get those everytime I squeeze into my Threadless tees.

Pole Dancer Heels
I'm sure these go hand in hand with all of the above search terms.

Spanking Equipment
Uh-oh, I'm being bitten on the hot? arse with this one. In last week's Google-age, I bravely stated that if I kept getting searched about this, I would research it to find out more. I'm not one to break an oath, so here goes; you could use a monkey.

Evil Woman
I hope they're not referring to me? Am not evil! Just strange!

Christmas Boots
I'm putting these boots on my wishlist for Santa this year.

Dag Jase
I think my Jase is definitely a dag, and a loveable one at that. Don't know what a dag is? Enlighten yourself!

Pillow Donut
The perfect pillow on which to rest your tush should you have haemorrhoids.

What Ages Can Use ProActive
What am I, a ProActive spokesperson? I think I should be requesting some sort of compensation for all of these questions ...

Mosquito Lamp Australia
I may not like bugs, but I also don't particularly like the zapping noises that bugs make when they're electrocuted on a mozzie lamp. Blech.

How to get rid of Bogong Moths
Perhaps make use of the mosquito lamp mentioned above?

Blog Action Day
For my two cents on environmental issues, you can click here to read.

Panadol Slogan
Check out the Sunday Google-age archives for Panadol's new slogan..

Contiki Sex
No sex stories for you this week, but good news: Kirby is coming along on the Great American Tour of '08 as well! Whee!

Apparently this is so disturbing, that it required capital letters. FUGLY!

Funniest Advertisements
I couldn't find the one I was looking for, but this Herbal Essences commercial is definitely giggle-worthy.

Australian, slang, pah!
Hmm. Confusing. Sounds like they want to know what "pah" means, and they think it's Australian slang? Pah! I do not know!

Who left Australian Idol monday 15th Oct
That would be Ben. (If only it could've been Matt ..)

You're Catty
And you smell.

I Cheated Myself
That can't be good. What did you cheat yourself from?

Chook Fuckers
I have absolutely no comment on this one. I call people chooks, I sometimes indulge in a swear word or two, but I've never joined the two together like that.

Long with a fridge cool hair cuts/ styles
I have long hair with a fringe. And I'm totally cool. Edit: Mum just pointed out that it says FRIDGE and not fringe, which I didn't spot at all. I don't quite know what fridge reference to put in here though, any ideas?

Girly Puppy Names
I have two boy names picked out for my future puppies (I am such a dork) but haven't a clue when it comes to girly names.

Pink Mashed Potatoes
Bugger using food colouring to dye your children's mashed potatoes. I've got a better idea! Simply open a shaken up bottle of creaming soda while sitting at the dinner table, and point it in the direction of your mother & her mashed potatoes.

Shoes is the first thing they notice
It's definitely one of the first things I notice, that's for sure.

My baby's got a secret..

Report Idiot Drivers
I'd love to report the ones I see. They should not be allowed on the roads.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
I'd like to think so. But not at long division. Never did quite get that concept. (And yes, I'm a teacher! Go figure.)

Guys with Dimples
I adore dimples. Dimples are lovely. I wish I had dimples. I always remember reading about Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield's matching dimples in the SVH series.They weren't only a size 6, but had dimples too? Bitches.

I hate hairdressers
Did they mutilate your hair, too? Perhaps we should form a support group.

The Classroom
It's my current place of work. Except for tomorrow, where we're going into Sydney for a transport excursion. I hope it isn't 35o again.

Fickle as a ...
I say cucumber. What do you say?

You Know You Watch Too Much TV When ...
You spend as much time worrying about which boxsets to pack for England, as you do regarding your clothing. Yipes.

That's it from me for this week. How did your stats look this week?

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kirby said...

my stats looked consistently shit this week. I keep getting google hits to my 'you could shout troy if you wanted' blog, but it's people googling 'things you shout' and weird stuff like that.

why do you get so many google hits for 'contiki sex'... interesting...*eyes aly suspiciously*

Lisa said...

People keep clicking in for "song meanings", it's crazy. I got a click in yesterday for "bunny love". Oh yeah.

Heather (in Scotland) said...

My blog's password-protected so I doubt Google-age would work, but what do you do [what website etc.] to see what searches direct people to your blog??

And let me know if you come up to Edinburgh during your British sojourn. If my babies are behaving we could maybe meet up...

R said...

I rarely have interesting Google searches. I am going to start ending every post with "contiki sex" to try to direct all your searchers to me.

Miss-Mrs said...

Weird...I googled pink mashed potatoes this week. And I thought I was being so original. :) Love your blog. Found it from nablopomo.

Kristabella said...

Your searches are way funnier than mine!

I loved "You're Catty. And you smell."

Katie said...

I love your Sunday Google-age and I'm so glad to see it back! I love the pink mashed potato - and it's weird that I bought the same type of drink and it fizzed everywhere as well! It's a conspiracy!

Aimee said...

contiki sex - at least we know now why Kirby has agreed to go! You sound like a fun travel partner! hehe. Also, I really want to look up camel toe at the gym. for research purposes of course. ack!

Jamie said...

Oh man. My blog is still relatively new but I still sometimes get some funny searches.

My favorite is "whorey Potter".

elysa said...

I don't even know what a chook is? ahh googlers always make me laugh

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