Love & Hate, the "Can't Think of Anything Else to Blog About" Edition.

If you've never visited Janet's blog before, I suggest you head on over. Not only is she sweet and lovely with cute hair, she also started the brilliant Love & Hate posts. (Why yes, I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon today, thankyou for asking.)

Love: Jase has practically been approved for a rental place of our own in London.
Hate: I haven't seen any pictures of it yet, so can only imagine what it looks like.

Love: Getting things in order, searching for a teaching job in London in January.
Hate: Paperwork. And talking to people on the phone. I sound like an arse.

Love: Finding pretty blog themes over the past week, as you may have noticed.
Hate: Being a fussy, fussy chook who went back to option one.

Love: Supernatural Season 1 - those boys are hot.
Hate: Not being able to sleep after watching it, because I'm a giant wimp.

Love: Random blog searches that literally make me laugh out loud.
Hate: Hearing sad news from blog friends that breaks my heart.

Love: It's just about Thursday! First week of term is almost over.
Hate: Tired. Already. After three days. What's up with that?

Love: I'm flying out to see Jason in about 10 weeks time. Wahoo!
Hate: I'm flying out to see Jason in about 10 weeks time. Too long!

How are your Loves & Hates looking today?

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~Kathryn~ said...

OMG _ TEN WEEKS - you have got to be kidding me

Kristabella said...

Love: Wine
Hate: Hangovers at work the next day.

Lia said...

"feel". Not fell. Sorry.

Lia said...

I fell like I'm back in school with "my favorite subject is recess", but . . .

Love: Lunch hour
Hate: The hours of boredom before and after.

elise said...

Ooh, I love Love and Hates! I just did mine over at J's, but here are some more:

Love: My dog!

Hate: Slobber covered tennis balls she keeps dropping on my keyboard

Love: That the year of the dress is going strong

Hate: The ever-present conundrum over what to wear UNDER the dress in the winter. Tights? Leggings? Nothing? It's always tricky

Love: Feeling caught up and on top of things

Hate: I haven't felt that way in AGES. Ugh

Lisa said...

This is pretty, too. I can relate with the fussiness, although mine may be bordering on being a disorder. Haha.

Leslie said...

Love: that my good, good friend (and sister-in-law) is visiting from the other end of the state.

Hate: that she leaves tomorrow

Noelle said...

I like this format!

Love: That I'm finally caught up on last week's work.
Hate: That I'm going to have to start next week's work.

Marianne said...

Very pretty blog!!

I'm so happy for your trip. I'm sure you're so busy that the time will fly by!

I too love Supernatural. Dean? Mrow.

Love: That Fall is here.
Hate: That I'm too chunky for all of my fall jackets.
Love: The reason I'm so chunky is Peanut.
Hate: That I'm so impatient to meet him/her.

Michelle said...

secretly i always liked this theme best ;)

my list would be all hates right now and i don't want to be depressing on your blog. i read your email and will respond soon. thanks for sending love :)

Laurel said...

Love: That I was offered an interview for one of my grad schools.
Hate: That I too sounded like an ARSE when I spoke to the interviewer over the phone. Why???? I hate the phone. Stupid Alexander Graham Bell.

mcgee said...

Love: It's Wednesday..already halfway through the week!
Hate: It's only Wednesday...still two more days to go after this =(.

P.S. I think it's so terribly exciting and romantic that you're moving to London! Not that Australia's all that shabby either =P.

Katie said...

Love: It's almost quitting time.
Hate: I still have to go to the gym tonight.

P.S. The blog design? Looks fabulous.

Erin said...

Love: My two cute and crazy dogs!
Hate: That they insist on wrestling right on top of me while I'm trying to blog!

janet said...

aww aly you are too nice! thanks for the sweet words :)

love: aussie blogger friends!
hate: that australia is so dang far away!

Ana said...

Love : your blog
Hate : That I didn't stop by before....

Julie said...

Love: That you went back to the old template. It's my favorite.

Hate: that it's only Thursday.


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