P.S. I Like Starbucks.

Ever had those days where you thoroughly enjoy every minute of them?

I was lucky enough to have one today. I tagged along with Kirby, in her mobile dog washing pooch-mobile of lurrrrrrrrve, and got to enjoy the sunshine and watch her doing all the work. Plus, I had the perks of making friends with a whole batch of puppies; reminding me that as soon as I'm home from England and in my own place? Am getting a big dog. Or two. Or three. Or hell, a whole family.

Anyhoo, back to the dog washing. Kirby told me today would be full of friendly dogs, and she was right. They were lovely! I also talked to random strangers all day, which is always a good thing, right? We saw The Nanny Diaries at the world's cheapest movie theatre. Seriously, how can you go wrong with $6 movie tickets?

In no particular order, here are some things witnessed on my tag-a-long dog washing & movie-going day;

  • A successful three point turn in a narrow street with a trailer attached, aka my friend is officially the best driver in the world.

  • A 24 hour walkathon down the street, complete with live music; who doesn't want to belt out Love is in the Air while walking around in circles for charity?

  • A delightful girl wresting with a rather heavy dog, who wasn't planning on making it easy for her to get him back in the tub. Kirby 1, Hooch 0.

  • A line of cricketers peeing on an oval. Okay, so they weren't really peeing. It just looked like they were peeing. (Or I may just be insane.)

  • A singing German Shepherd.

  • A pissed off looking cat, who'd had it's body shaved but it's legs left fluffy, that looked like a cross between a lion and a poodle.

  • A car accident taking place right outside the window of the McDonalds where we had lunch. One that I conviently missed, probably because I was too engrossed in my frozen coke. A nasty but silent little fender bender.

  • A movie advertisement featuring a slightly really disturbing talking cow.

  • A Leg Magic workout machine of DOOM.

walaly.jpgAnd best of all? Kirby's Labrador Wally, who I've been a wee bit frightened of for the past few months, didn't eat me... for the second visit in a row. Sure, I may have been growled at for a few seconds, but I also had my toes licked which I think balances it out. Am mighty chuffed, in fact.

(Photo taken from my last visit with him. Camera caught him running away.)

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kirby said...

that made me giggle. I had a fun day too. Much thanks for keeping me company.
I thought about that car accident for a while thisevening while I was pretending to watch tv, and I can only assume that Lady was driving along, and Man reversed out of his park into her car, leaving the delightfully red scrapes down the side of her car. Makes you wonder... those scrapes were HUGE... how did he not realise and brake sooner. PFFT.

Audrey said...

What a fun day! I wanna spend a whole day with dogs!

And toe kisses? From a dog? A sure sign of true love.

Tina Vaziri said...

Aww that sounds like so much fun! If I ever buy another house with a big yard, I want to get a big dog! They seem to be so much friendlier and more well behaved than most little dogs that I've experienced.

Funny that you saw a shaved cat! I had to get my cat shaved this summer, but I think he really enjoyed being cooler in the heat.

Erin said...

That sounds like such a lovely day! I would love to play with dogs all day! :)

Sarah said...

ROTFL @ peeing cricketers! LOL!

Sounds like a really fun day. :)

natalie said...

went to pick up my friends dog today, and she growled at me and then lunged when I tried to kiss her nose. very sad day when a dog you used to live with doesn't recognize you. But we're all okay now that I've taken her on a few walks.

grungedandy said...

sounds like a great day! i've just been nursing my snotty nose!
seeya hugya


Katie said...

The old template is back! When did that happen? Is this staying now? I'm glad you had a good day -we all need one of those from time to time! And working with dogs all day would be so much fun, I'm jealous.

Leslie said...

Toe licking, although wet and squishy feeling, totally means that Wally thinks you're cool!

sognatrice said...

Hey if you're looking for puppies, why not stop off in southern Italy and get one--just born yesterday!

Aimee said...

That sounds like a fun day. and dogs being friendly while given baths?! that's craziness!

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