A Bookwormy Farewell

Am officially shutting up now. I leave tomorrow. And I can't tell you how bizarre it feels to type that. The flight leaves Sydney at about 9am, and we should get to Christchurch in the early afternoon. I'm guessing the plan will be to check-in, dump the suitcases and wander around the city before the pre-Contiki information session. Hee. Contikiiiiii.

Totally can't believe some people don't know what Contiki is.

I'm all set. The mice are going to stay with mum's friend and her daughter while I'm away, they're all cleaned and ready to go. Mum's looking after Gage and the bunnies for me. I've got to jet to the bank tomorrow to convert some money into NZ $$ for Jason and myself, and then I'm all set. Oh! And mini shampoo! I need that. Must remember.

Gosh, I am such a dork today. I took a cue from Y's recent plea for work-out music, and downloaded a whole batch of boppy, teeny songs for while I'm working. I'm all ready to use them now (they're even in their own spiffy playlist!) but I probably chose a dodgy time to upload them onto my Ipod: I'll be on the plane and/or coach and will most likely get Britney screaming into my ears. Or TLC. Or maybe even the Quad City DJ's. Say it with me now; Loser!

So, I'll finish this post with a quick couple of books, and then I'm signing off. I haven't missed this many days blogging in many a moon. I'm sure you'll enjoy the break! Hoping to pop back on if I spy an internet cafe on a quiet day (!) to keep you updated and absolutely jealous. Except for Janet, because she's coming in my suitcase. Sorry, Andrew.

Have a fantastic January, and leave me some more questions while I'm away. I shall miss you all, and no doubt your faces will flash before my eyes as I'm jumping off a cliff towards my death. Hee.

Book #16: The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons

I officially want to visit Russia, after reading these books. Tatjana is the most wonderful character, so innocent but then so brave and strong and Alexander? Aaah. I want an Alexander of my very own. This book is another historical based novel, and tells of a great romance.

Set in Leningrad during the war, it's a lot about relationships and families, and about how the town was ravaged in that time. Tatjana and Alexander are so interesting, reading about them together was lovely. You really feel caught up in it all. This is one of those books that left me sniveling at the end. Ah, the end! What an ending!

(If you haven't noticed by now, I cry reading. All the time.)

Book #17: The Bridge to Holy Cross - Paullina Simons

And the ending of the first novel, brings us to it's sequel. Which I adore, but not quite as much as the first. In the first book, Alexander's fate is unknown - and Tatjana? Well, she manages to start a new life for herself, outside of Russia and in America.

This book is great because it tells both sides of the story. We hear about Tatjana and her new life, and we hear about Alexander - who is still stuck in Europe, with many struggles to face. I love that their relationship continues into this book, and it's ending is also wonderful.

(There is a third conclusion novel to this saga, called The Summer Garden. I read it, got half way through it, and threw my hands up in disgust. Don't ask me why. The same characters are in it, but it's like the whole tone of the book changed. Sad, because I love Alex and Tanya so much.)

Book #18: Tully - Paullina Simons

Tully is one of those books that is hard to shove into a category. It's an interesting story about an interesting woman. She leads a bizarre life, is not the most fortunate of people and has a great many struggles.

You know those characters that you don't particularly like, or agree with, but you can't help but continue finding out more about them? Tully is like this for me. Some parts I read shaking my head, other parts I completely empathized with her, some parts I just couldn't even comprehend.

It's all over the place. But I like it.

(Red Leaves, Eleven Hours and The Girl in Times Square are a couple of other Paullina Simons novels that I enjoyed, but these three are my top picks.)

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