Thursday Thirteen #3

I am absolutely not letting myself forget that it is Thursday, so you'll recieve an extra post today as well. Lucky little chooks.

Thirteen Things about:
*Aly's New Zealand Trip*

1. Around October of last year, I started feeling the travel bug nip me in the backside once again. I had worked hard all year and wanted to treat myself to a vacation over the January holidays. At first this was going to be a working holiday in South Korea, however this fell through. Next, I thought I'd take another trip to L.A. and visit Disneyland again, however that was quite expensive for a short trip. Then Jason mentioned New Zealand, and that was that.

2. We were some of the last people to get accepted into our 15 day Contiki tour. I was certain we wouldn't be accepted, that the tour would be full; but thankfully we managed to scrap ourselves into spots. Phew!

3. We paid the trip off in November, and once that was done I had absolutely no money left in any of my accounts. I was literally, dirt broke until the next fortnight.

4. It was worth it! I've been pretty excited about it since!

5. My work Secret Santa bought me a New Zealand guide book as my gift, and I've been read it three times now.

6. Adding up all of the "optional excursions" that Jason and I want to do, gave us a figure of over $1000. Yikes!

7. Everybody I talk to about my trip doesn't think I will actually follow through with any of the adventure stuff. Ha! I will show them! I'm actually excited about doing it all, some of them sound terrifying, others downright amazing.

8. I am secretly concerned that I will be too unfit or too overweight for some of the adventure things, which makes me feel good about starting a newer, healthy lifestyle on January 1st this year. (Please don't let that bungy break!)

9. Last time I did a Contiki was a 21 day Europe tour. To put it mildly, I was pretty nervous spending that amount of time with strangers; since it was my first trip alone (so to speak) and I didn't really drink. I grew more comfortable, but it took a while to adjust. This time around, I feel better about meeting new people and enjoying it all.

10. I plan on taking a bazillion photos. And I mean a bazillion. From the books and videos I've seen of it, New Zealand is a stunning place. I want to capture as many photographs of it as I can. Hoorah for digital cameras!

11. I also plan on losing weight while I am over there. The goal is to be so distracted by the gorgeous sights and the experiences, that I don't have to be concerned about food. Plus, there will be a lot of exercise, which will be a bonus.

12. After me stressing over anything and everything on my last vacation, I'm determined to be more mellow now. I know the Contiki schedule, I know how hectics airports can be, I know (mostly!) how to read a map. I'm planning on going with the flow a little more, to eliminate the stress.

13. It's in three days. THREE DAYS. I love holidays!

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