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I posted about it a couple of days ago, but I'm participating in Sassy's January Book Blogging. Keep in mind that I leave for New Zealand in about 5 days (!) so I'll be posting a couple of my favourites in each day, to keep ahead.

(Let's ignore the fact that I have enough books on my sagging bookshelf AND the wall-to-wall bookshelf downstairs that I could probably post them daily for several months, alright?)

It's mildly irritating when I Google-search these books on my list. The covers that are displayed in the USA are NOT the ones I have over here. Mine are much, much prettier. Hee. That's all.

Book #1: The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
I bought this novel really early this year, as Jason had given me a nice hefty batch of book-store vouchers for Christmas 2005. Being a bit of a history nerd, I automatically picked this book up while wandering around the store. I love the way it's written (in reflections, diary entries, etc) and it is really easy to get caught up in it. I finished this in one setting.

If you enjoy reading about legends and quests, this one is for you. It's a pretty thick book, but worth a read. The characters travel a fair amount, and you'll learn about a fair few myths along the way. There are some spooky bits, too. The Historian definitely is a book I'm glad I spotted.

Book #2: Grace Notes - Charlotte Vale Allen
I don't actually remember where I found this book. All I know is that it had an interesting blurb on the back which got me hooked. Grace is an author, as well as a recovering victim of domestic violence. She publishes books for women on the topic, and corresponds with many through email.

Without giving much information away, the story focuses on one particular character she interacts with; it's quite a tangled web. The main characters in the book are written really well, Gus and Nicky (Grace's brother and daughter, respectively) are people you'll get to know pretty quickly. And the ending? Is one you need to read.

Book #3: Year of Wonders - Geraldine Brooks
Ever had a book you've just re-read, over and over and over again? Yep. This is one of them for me. I bought it years ago, found it on special in a bookstore, so figured "Why not?" Flash forward to now, when I see it listed (full price, mind you!) on the Angus and Robertson Top 100 Books List. Ha! I found it first!

It's another historical novel, set in the 17th century. Anna is a lovely character, you'll find yourself really experiencing things through her eyes. It is a novel about the plague; how it ends up in this small town, how it spreads, what happens, the aftermath. Several parts of this book make me teary, but there is some hope in it also. You should read this book. No, really. Right now. Go buy a copy.

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