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This morning when I opened up my blog, I was pondering what to write about. Most of the stuff that is on my brain right now revolves around sticking to my lifestyle change and/or New Zealand. And as interesting as that might be to me, I think it's getting a bit over-done here, don't you? (I mean, you're going to be bombarded with holiday stuff after I get back, so I might as well shut up about it for now!)

A while back when I started this blog, I did the standard "Ask me any question and I shall answer it" post; except I think there were all of three people that knew this blog existed back then. Because I have made some more lovely new friends across the months, I'm going to put it out there again. That way, when I get back from New Zealand, I'll have some more blog posts lined up. Convenient AND efficient. If you're reading this RIGHT NOW, please take a few seconds to pop in a question. Alrighty.

Sassy started, because she is wonderful like that.

"If you could have any job in the whole world and live anywhere, what would it be and where would you live?"

The last couple of nights I haven't slept very well. In fact, I've tossed and turned for ages, got myself back out of bed, read The Odyssey (I'm almost finished, I am such a nerd) and stared at the ceiling. You know those nights where your mind is churning away so fast, that you just can't switch it off? That's what it's been like.

I've been thinking of a million different things, which I'll save for a rainy day. But lately, my focus is on me five years from now. This is how it is looking. (I swear, I'm getting to the question, Sassy!)

There are two options: Option 1 is that I stay here in Sydney. I live on my own and I have a giant big labrador to keep me company. I keep on teaching. I walk the dog in the morning and at night. (I've always dreamed of having a big dog to walk with, it just doesn't work with chihuahuas!) Basically, it's simple, I'm doing what I was trained to do.

Option 2 is that I live overseas, which is something I have wanted to do for a really long time. Most likely England, maybe Scotland in the countryside somewhere. I'd still have a giant big labrador to keep me company. I'd still be by myself. And I'd be writing books, in a quaint little cottage. I've always wanted to be a writer - I was writing stories when I was in primary school. I don't have the official training for it, but it's a nice dream to have.

So there we go. Which one will it be? I have no idea. I hope it's one of them. And actually, it would be nice to have someone other than a giant big labrador to keep me company. We'll see.

Book #13: Ice Station - Matthew Reilly

Ice_station If you have not read, or heard of Ice Station, I suggest you get your hiney to the nearest bookstore and buy it. Buy two copies. Buy the shop out! It's that good. Matthew is a young Aussie author (who I've met at a conference and emailed a couple of times) who is just amazing. This is the first book of his I read, and I instantly went out and bought all the rest I could find.

This book is so fast paced, has awesome characters, has action and science and relationships, it has everything! It has lots of military terminology in it, but explains them for the not-so-bright readers, like myself. It's set in a research station in Antarctica, where scientists discover a spaceship, buried in the ice. All sorts of governments get involved, but humans aren't the only threat - there are more dangers in this place than people.

I read this in one sitting, it's hard to stop. All of his books are like this. In fact, he's probably my favourite author, full stop.

Book #14: Temple - Matthew Reilly

Like Ice Station, this book is another one you can't put down. This time, the story is set in South America - a university professor is suddenly caught up in a huge discovery that takes him on a journey through ancient and not-so-ancient times.

This one has a good twist to the story, and is also one of those adventure books that just keeps on throwing things at you. Temple is just as good as Ice Station, a really fascinating read. Have you noticed I tend to lean towards historical books, in fiction? This one is great. I remembered back to my high school days where I was interested in cultures. Yep. Another great read.

Book #15: Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly

7_ancient_wonders This one is his most recent book. It's fantastic! Another adventure novel, based on more historical events and myths. As well as all of the travel, the fighting, the mazes and puzzles, the military quirks, there is a really good story behind it all.

What can I say? My love for Matthew Reilly books is probably oozing out of my blog in waves. He's just really, really good.

His other books that I didn't list here are Contest (awesome book, sci-fi, his first book ever published when he was all of 19! Amazing!), Area 7 (continued from Ice Station) and Scarecrow (continued from Area 7). I'm hoping he releases another novel soon, so I can eat it all up.

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