Second Year - Already?

I spent my day today doing (as my blog header suggests) a whole lot of nothing. Well, it's the last day of my holidays, so why not?

Let me share some of the more noticeable accomplishments of the day with you. Please don't all applaud at once:

  • Not showering.

  • Getting on the computer before 9am on a Sunday.

  • Paying my brother to wash the car for me.

  • Watching ER episodes.

  • Reading: The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

  • Playing aimlessly with the bunnies.

  • Playing aimlessly with the dogs.

  • Folding a whole lot of laundry.

  • Hiring a Foxtel Box Office movie: The Omen.

  • Considering hiring another: The Da Vinci Code.

Yeah, that's about it.

Basically anything that involved sitting around on my backside. Tomorrow I start back at school, can't believe this will be my second year out in the real world. Some days I feel like it's been longer than that, others I feel like I just finished uni and still don't know what I am doing!

Am looking forward to this year of teaching. I don't know if I mentioned what I'll be doing, but I'm going to be a jack of all trades grades this year! Still at the same school, still five days a week, still earning the same, just not on one class specifically.

Monday: Job sharing a 3/4 class all day.
Tuesday: Supporting a 5/6 learning support class and their teacher.
Wednesday: Job sharing with Madame Belinda on a 1/2 class.
Thursday: As above.
Friday: Supporting a 5/6 learning support class and their teacher.

So I really am (almost) teaching K-6 next year! Now THAT'S what I went to university for! We have our staff development day tomorrow, so things might change, but it's definitely going to be a busy year. Bloody holidays going too fast.. But here's a nice New Zealand shot to keep you going until I do some serious uploading.

100_0024_1I want to go back!

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Viviane said...

That's a really great picture. I wish I could have a lazy Sunday like that, and so far it has been all but productive but I have to study. I got up an hour ago, at 1.30pm hahaha. But I have a final on Wednesday so I need to prepare for that today.

Ngaire said...

Aly what a gorgeous photo of you and Jason (and cool background too)!!!
Have a good day at work today. I'll be doing the same old thing. Thank god there is no kids yet. My brain just aint ready!

janet said...

lovely photo! is it just me or do we kinda-sorta look alike?

briliantdonkey said...

Great picture(s)....

I really like the one of canyon you jumped off of. "I was thinking of you when I jumped off the canyon" don't you ever let anyone convince you that you don't know how to give a compliment. Have a great first day of school.


lara said...

that is a good picture, but why does he look so somber? he looks confused for some reason...

anyway, good luck with your school stuff! :) you'll be great! (and you'll have sexy shoes, too!)

Catherine said...

Could you two be any cuter?!?

It's a pity I have an adverse reaction to happy people in couples or I would gush more.

Heather B. said...

::whimpering:: I want to go to New Zealand. I want to add "holiday" to mean vaction, to my lexicon.

kirby said...

tee hee.. you and him match....
have a good first week back, dear!

Aimee said...

Cute picture! Good luck at school tomorrow. :)

Laurel said...

You guys look great!! (And you do look kind of like Janet!)

Desiree said...

My mouth actually watered at the site of that picture. And no, I am not hitting on your man, the scenery just took my breath away.

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, I once told Sarah that I think you look like the Australian Janet. Oh I so said that first! I think it's the long blonde hair.

I love that picture--you guys look so cute!

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