Update Number Threeeeeee

Dear Blog World,

You will have to excuse this entry if it contains a bajillion typos, as I'm sitting in a backpackers hotel where the computer monitor is hidden behind possibly bulletproof glass, and the keyboard is completely and utterly super glued to the computer desk. I get the feeling they've had a fair few computers knocked off from around here, but jeeeeez. It's horrible for my blind, blind eyes.

Since we left Wellington, we visited Lake Taupo and did not much of anything except shopping. Had a boat booked out on the lake for just us, which was great fun. Lots of dancing, to Jason's disgust. I've not yet got that boy to dance. My mission is failing miserably. After that we headed to ultra stinky Rotorua, where we had a huge tour of a Maori settlement (I'm officially in love with their history, I am such a nerd) and saw a kiwi. Squee! Must somehow smuggle one home. Jason went skydiving, and i opted to keep my feet on the ground, wandering around a national park instead.

I AM disappointed I couldn't get time to go and have a thermal springs relaxation day, was rather grouchy about that. Hrmph. But the place smelled like you would not believe, so I suppose I'll treat myself somewhere nicer back home one day. Last night we went to a Maori feast and concert, ate a yummy hungi meal and listened to their amazing singing and dancing skills. Jason did a non scary haka (hee!) and I attempted to use a Poi, once again failing miserably. This morning Jason did the Zorb which I chickened out of (rolling down a hill before 8am in the morning sounded a wee bit horrid today) so I went and saw a sheep show instead. So much fun! Almost stole a lamb AND a sheepdog. Didn't quite manage it, though.

Right now, I'm in Waitomo, which has been great. We did a cave tour this afternoon, it was absolutely stunning. The glow worms were gorgeous, the river cruise was gorgeous, the cave itself was gorgeous. I like it. AND this hotel room has a television and volleyball court; aka hours of mindless entertainment. Love it.

Tomorrow we head to Auckland briefly, and then it's on to the Bay of Islands for two days before we finish up. I can't believe how fast this tour has gone, it's millions of times faster than Europe was. I've decided I'm also going to do the North American Contiki as soon as I can save up for it. That's one of my goals. Yep. Anyone want to come with me?

Oh and Julia dear, there were many more nights of drinking, however I've refrained from going on about them because, ahem, some people didn't know what a Contiki was, and may just think I'm a raging alcoholic. Or something.

(I should add here that I've had my fair share of nanna naps though, so it's been good. Tonight is a big night here at the tavern because we're losing half of our tour group, and gaining 30 strangers for the next (and last) two days of the tour. Which probably also means that tomorrow will be a big night too, as we'll be meeting fresh new Contiki-goers, who will be much less buggered than we all are.)

(That's enough brackets for now.)

Off to have a shower now before dinner so cheerio, lovelies!



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Jess said...

sounds like you are having a fantastic time in NZ aly, im enjoying reading your updates :)


Laurel said...

Where does the North American Contiki take you? NYC??

lara said...

yay! come to north america! so i can see you! :)

glad you're having so much fun, but i'm looking forward to having you back in the blogosphere regularly.

also, sending international mail is a huge ordeal, so you better appreciate your surprise. :-P

janet said...

Loving the image of you smuggling a small menagerie back with you in your suitcase. Something tells me customs would not be happy.

Sassy Belle said...

Dearest Alynda,

Come home immediately. Cannot live without you. You have had fun. It is time to return to me.



velocibadgergirl said...

I'd love to go on the North American trip, even though I live here. It sounds like you'd be a blast on vacation!

velocibadgergirl said...

I'd love to go on the North American trip, and I live here! It sounds like you'd be a blast to vacation with :D

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