Update Number Onnnnne

Dear Blog World,

I am writing this from Queenstown, New Zealand, sitting in a beautiful lodge that overlooks a lake, surrounded by mountains. I am not facing this wall though; no, I am staring at a beige coloured wall while I type. Good times.

So far, we've spent a night in a secluded lodge (overlooking a gorgeous lake), spent a night on a boat parked in the middle of Milford Sound (beautiful!!) where we shared a cabin with four people. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Did I mention the cabin was the size of my bathroom?

Yesterday we made our way up to Queenstown (adventure capital of the world, wheeeee!) and Jason and I celebrated with a bungy jump off the Kauwara (probably horrid spelling, meh) Bridge. Oh. Man. That was nuts! I was told I would have fifteen minutes to prepare myself, but then the guy pointed to me and it was time to go! I gripped on to the pole for dear life until I was told to let go -- the next second he was counting, and I was diving off! Can you believe it?

(I also asked specifically NOT to touch the water, but guess who got dunked?) Er, that would be me. Thank goodness we got a free t-shirt at the end. The video was a $45 one, so I passed on that. One of our tour mates got it on camera though, so fingers crossed that it works out.

Today, I jumped off a cliff!


No really, I did. I almost chickened out, but managed to do it in the end. It was called the Canyon Swing, you can check it out if you like, I'm sure I linked to it a couple of months back in one of the pre-New Zealand posts. It was ten times worse than the bungy jump, and there were some tears, yes. I was planning to just step off the ledge and into the canyon, but sadly my legs decided that was a really ridiculous idea and just wobbled away instead. After about ten minutes of whining (those poor, poor employees!) I decided to just do it in a sitting position, and have the guys cut the rope so I could swing away. Swing I did! I DID fork out the $45 for this DVD, as terrible as it was.

Two words to describe it?

Bloody terrifying.

This afternoon I'm relaxing though - have booked a nice horse riding session (while Jason throws himself off two more bungy jumps, mind you!) and then I'm meeting up with some other tour mates to go ice skating. Tomorrow? Is all day in the water. White water rafting, Shotover Jet Boat ride and then RIVER BOARDING. I must be crazy. Wheee!

New Zealand is excellent - with the exception of a cruddy Contiki daysong - which happened to come off my Ipod. Gwen Stefani's "Wind it Up". Oh, the shame. Although we had fun dancing to it in the bar last night. I have found my dancing shoes again, and I love them. Yes, Yes, I do.

Hope you're well! I'm off to scoff some lunch before playing with the horsies! xo

Cheers guys!


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