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It feels very much as though my New Zealand trip didn't happen in some respects. I know, I got home yesterday, what the heck am I going on about? But I woke up this morning, pottered around the house a little bit, hopped on the computer and I feel exactly the same as I did before I left.

I don't even have any photos to share with you yet, as we took most of our pictures with Jason's digital camera. He is going to put them on a zip file for me which I should get by tomorrow, I hope. I can't wait to see how some of them came out.

Because the last month has been filled with posts about the holiday, I'll try and make my summary short and sweet, so I can get on with other things. It was bloody fantastic! I would go back again to the South Island in a heartbeat, driving myself next time around. The scenery was just incredible - you could hardly take a bad photograph. The Contiki group was fabulous (and filled with gossip!) I would recommend it to anybody. I really, really would.

I am a complete klutz, and managed to get sunburned on my legs (!) of all places, break not one but two pairs of sunglasses on the trip, leave my wallet behind on at least one occassion (all good, everything recovered), and step on a spiky sea urchin while snorkelling. Good times, eh? The bloody sea urchin thing was so painful, and it still is - considering there is a piece of spike that I can't get out of my heel. I'm hoping it'll poke out a little soon, so I can be brave and yank the rest out. Bleeeh.

I was very disappointed at the airport at the beginning of the trip - I thought that just this once, I'd beat Jason in the "I bet my suitcase weighs less than yours, ner ner" competition. I'd weighed mine on the scales here the night before, and had rung him to cheat also find out what his weight was. Score! Mine was like, 2kgs lighter than his. But somehow overnight, my suitcase managed to put on a couple of unexplained kilograms (just like it's momma!) and he beat me. Bugger that.

Ahem. Yesterday though? I am pleased to say that his suitcase weighed in at 20.1kgs coming home. And mine? Mine was 19.3kgs. Fwee! AND I also bought three tops, one skirt and a pair of Havaiana thongs too. Oh man. Speaking of said thongs/flip flops. They are the most comfortable ones, EVER. I got a brown pair so they'd go with everything and wow. I am in love. They're super flexible, you can bend them completely in half and they just flip right on back. Grand.

For now, I'm heading to the shops with my momma and relaxing. I recieved some awesome packages while I was away - my Alice In Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass DVD that I'd ordered from Amazon, a couple of books (The Memory Keeper's Daughter and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), my X-Files complete series (Season 1-9, complete with Asian writing on the front and back, so I have absolutely no idea what they say!) and a package from Lara, with sexy sailor shoes in it! Thankyou chook, made my day! I'll take photos soon, promise.

It's so good to be back. But I am dreading the whole back to work in two days thing. Boo.

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janet said...

I felt just like that when I got back from the wedding/'moon. Ugh, it sucks!

Viviane said...

Hey, out of the books, I gave the first one to my best friend for Christmas, and I have read the second one.
Welcome back home!

Lindsey said...

Horraay you are back! I missed you, girl!

lara said...

i hope you like them! and i hope they fit! :)

briliantdonkey said...

Glad you are back and clearly had a good time. That said I must call a party foul.....Not allowed to complain about the trip being over to those who weren't allowed to go.....thats the rules!Welcome back.


Ngaire said...

Welcome back!

Laurel said...

Definitely post about how you like Extremely Loud. It's one of my very favorite books!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Weee! She's back!

Aimee said...

So glad you're back!!! I missed you!! Glad you had fun! CAn't wait to see the pictures!

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