LaLa-Land Tuesday.

So, what day is it? And where am I supposed to be today? And what the heck was I going to blog about?

Dudes. I am still so scatterbrained it isn't funny. I went from being a super-organised freak, to someone who is kind of aimlessly shuffling around having no idea what's going on. Bah! My head!

But cute, cute kidlets! Super cute kidlets! Squee! Must refrain from pinching cheeks. And from pre-judging some of my deadset annoying worrisome kids that I had last year. Perhaps this year will be better. And they will stop muttering to themselves on the floor. Or punching random things in mid-air. Or falling asleep at the tables. Er, oops? Maybe tomorrow?

I sweated so much at the gym today that I looked like I'd gone swimming afterwards. Damn those perfect women who turn up with their hair out and perfectly styled, bouncing around like maniacs and not even breaking out a moustache sweat. Come on, we all know what that looks like.

But seriously? I so much as walk INTO the gym and my face instantly turns red, my legs and arms go splotchy and I start sweating. Not the gross, stinky, armpit kind of sweating -- no, the main part of me that sweats? My scalp and face. Can someone please explain why this is the only part of me that sweats (big time, bring on the buckets!) and how I can fix it? Gosh, it's embarrassing enough lugging my backside to the gym next to skinny, bouncing sheilas, but do I have to mop my brow at the end of every 45 second circuit? Sheesh.

Doo-bee-doo. Bring on the next batch of holidays!

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crankybee said...

Just in case you don't get back to your other blog for a while, I thought I'd let you know I keft a comment there - not terribly exciting - about the sweat!

Where do you teach? I've got one semester to go at Syd Uni for my M TEach! but I'm high school...those little kids are too...little for me!

Laurel said...

I have a lot of sweat there, too... I just wrap a folded up bandanna around my hairline and then try not to get too grossed out when it is sopping wet at the end of my work out.

LaLa said...

I though I had my own post for a moment then! x

Lindsey said...

Oh I HATE the women who look ohsoperfect at the gym. Oh man, do I HATE them! I just don't understand how some women just look so perfect after doing cardio. I am so with you on the sweating, scalp and all, splotchy skin, just all around grossness. And to make it even sexier, when I work out in the morning I've only recently woken up so I haven't showered, have bed head and no make up at all. You are getting kind of turned on, no?

Sassy Belle said...


i HATE those girls at the gym.

that's why i go to the YMCA... people there are normal.

lara said...

dood, there is NO SHAME in sweating at the gym. that just means you're doing it right. embrace the sweat!

(but not literally, 'cause EW!)

kirby said...

.Sweat. One of the many reasons I do not attend a gym..(i really nearly spelt it Jym)... I'm terrible too.. I went out to move the dog trailer thisafternoon, after I'd come inside and sat down... I only had to move it.. maybe four feet, and it only took .. about two minutes, but I was covered in sweat after it.
gosh... I'm so hot sometimes.

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