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Dear Blog World,

We finished our Contiki today, after being dropped back in Auckland. I've already got plans to stalk keep in touch with a couple of the Sydney-ites I met on the tour, which is a big improvement from the last trip. The last ten of us who are left in Auckland tonight are going out for dinner, like a last supper. I've been really, really lucky with the group I've had. I clicked with most people straight away (which is rare for me) and have enjoyed the whole thing.

You'll be proud to know that I kept my whinging to a minimum. Oh, and also? Jason and I (as part of the six couples on board the tour!!) won the competition when it came to who knew each other the best. Crazy, considering we aren't married, engaged or living together like most of the others there.

Alright, I sort of lied.

I whinged this afternoon, after finding out that the super big hotel that we were supposed to be booked into after the tour finished? Was not actually where we were booked into. Freaking travel agents. No, we got the sister hotel (in the same name) which is a hell of a lot smaller, located about a block away, has wobbly lifts and a hotel room with no opening windows and a busted air conditioner! C'mon, I'm allowed to whinge about that, right? (We're complaining about the air con later, don't you worry.)

Anyway, yesterday? Was heaven on a stick. Absolute heaven. We drove north to the Bay of Islands at the tip of the North Island. There were about 20 of us left on the tour, so we rented a Catamaran for the ENTIRE DAY and spent it cruising. Oh man. I have never had so much fun in my life, doing absolutely nothing. Beautiful water, beautiful weather, great company. I swam in the water and even went snorkelling for the first time. Am proud. (My kind of snorkelling was kind of amusing - I'd be just getting the hang of it, then would spy a fish and start squealing with excitement and promptly fill my mask up with water. Hee.)

Oh, I also got a strip of my back (below my long bikini tank, and above my swimmers) sunburned, which is a wee bit painful when wearing pants of any kind. Jason has sunburned legs and FEET, which is kind of amusing in a cruel, cruel way. The sun here is insane, you stand in it for a minute and you're burning. Even with sunscreen! Crazy.

All in all, it was fantastic. The perfect last day of the tour!

Now we're in Auckland for the next day, flying out the day after that. I actually really just want to go home. I'm tired, grouchy and a wee bit bored of Auckland. I much prefer the little towns than the big cities, here just reminds me of Sydney's inner city as well. Ah well, time flies so no doubt I'll be back home complaining before I know it. I'll be home soon!



P.S. Next tour? Is definitely North America, with Contiki. Starting to save right now. Well, after tomorrow's shopping day because I can't see us doing much else here. Bleh.

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janet said...

Is DC on the north american contiki??!? So glad you had such a fabu trip. So jealous of all the beach time!

kirby said...

north america... so ...
keep reminding me to save. I want to see america also. maybe this time I might be able to smuggle myself along.
wooooh you're back this weeek...!!! I want to see pictures!! lots and lots of pictures!!

LaLa said...

Yay! Aly every day again!

Laurel said...

Instant sunburn sun sounds soo good right now. It's friggin freezing here in NYC!

Desiree said...

Are you bringing home a sheep? There are like a million sheep to each person in New Zealand. I think you should find a spider stomping sheep. He would come in handy.

angela said...

I hope Kansas City is on the American Contiki. There's just so much to do... like, um... eat stuff and walk around and drive places. It's pretty amazing, as you can see.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Is Boston on the N. America tour? It's pretty awesome here, you'd love it! And there's not even any cliff diving or anything... just lovely historic city walks.

Ngaire said...

Eeekk - instant sunburn - ouch. Hope it isnt too bad!

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