Well hello there, January

What better to ring in the New Year, than with horribly horrible cramps of horridness? I suppose it's fitting that I get to start 2007 with a little whining; it just wouldn't feel right otherwise.

New Years Eve had us playing a game of Cranium (girls won, hee!) and then Scrabble (I won, hee!) which had my competitive juices all used up. We had people running over our lawn, on our patio and parked on our grass, which is typical for stupid neighbours. Said neighbours did, however, provide us with music loud enough to be heard in California, until about 1am. Or at whatever time I fell asleep. I do not know. (Their music selection was pretty good, except I lost all faith in them when they skipped With or Without You. No taste. None at all.)

Feeling very festive (!) I then watched my C.S.I. Season 4 boxset with Jase and Dad. We squished in two episodes, rescued the scared puppies from the noisy fireworky backyard, checked the rabbits hadn't been blown up, and then watched the fireworks at midnight on TV.

It's funny, I didn't feel that happy or excited watching the harbour this year. Usually the fireworks are great, but this year? I just wasn't feeling it. Am kind of glad we didn't make the awful hike getting into the city and back this year. I don't think it would have been worth it.

New Zealand: I leave in 6 days. So awesome.

I'm a bit peeved that I won't be able to participate in any of the "monthly" blogging competitions across January. I know what you're thinking. YOU'RE GOING TO NEW ZEALAND ALY YOU FREAK! GET A CLUE! Yes. Well. I've just really enjoyed having a reason to keep myself motivated. If only I were this dedicated towards being fitter.

Speaking of this, head on over to Gettin' My Kicks if you're up for a light-hearted blogging challenge. The rules? POST EVERY DAY IN JANUARY - EXCEPT FOR THE DAYS YOU CANT. Even I can manage that one. And I've also heard that two other lovely ladies have a challenge going on, that I'm disappointed to miss out on.

As for resolutions - you'll be proud. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast AND I just moisturised my elbows. Howzat? Yeah, yeah, got a long way to go. Have to start somewhere though!

Possibly the yummiest moisturising cream in the entire world. Planet Spa: African Shea Butter // Whipped Body Balm. Good enough to eat, and great for elbows!

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