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Now there's a mixed subject line, if ever I should see one.

Let's do this in chunks, shall we?

New Zealand

It's Thursday. I leave at some disgusting time on Sunday morning. Meaning I have three days before it all starts. Three days! Am so excited, but strangely not at the same time. It'll kick in once I'm on the way to the airport.

I always turn into a quivering mess of nerves when it comes to airports. I'm terrified of missing check-in times, getting lost, planes changing boarding times. Yep. Stress. Ha, and I said I wasn't going to be stressed this time. Pshaw. Like I said to Sassy yesterday, if I get it all out now then I should be fine for the actual trip.

(Seriously, though. When we were in England, about to board our flight to Scotland, they had ONE customs operator working, and we were 5 minutes away from missing our flight. STRESS.)

I'm packed. My suitcase weighs about 18kgs, the maximum is 20kgs. Not too shabby. I'm just not cut out for packing. Even now, after removing a whole stack of clothing, I'm worried that I haven't got enough. Funny, since everybody keeps telling me I have too much. I think I'm alright with remembering things though; spare contacts, glasses, my medication, eye cream. Someone give me a packing list, so I can check everything off. Please?

Gilmore Girls

As much as I love this show, and have been poring over my DVD boxsets, I'm pissed off at them. How the hell can Rory and Lorelai eat so much shit, and look like twigs? I mean, they eat out for breakfast every morning (and I don't see them eating cereal, do you?), they don't cook and Rory has eaten pizza or Chinese for dinner in nearly every damn episode! I want legs like Lauren Graham's. And clear skin like Alexis Bledel. Those girls suck.

(That being said, if anybody would like to purchase Season 5 and 6 for me while I'm in New Zealand, that'd be quite okay. Great.)


I've enjoyed this so far, posting in extras since I'm going away so soon. Today is a bonus sort of day - 1 review, but six books. It's a series, my mum discovered it and I stole it and got completely hooked. These books made my historic side perk up, and my romantic side swoon. Le sigh. If you haven't at least read the first one (called Cross Stitch in Australia, but Outlander in the US) you must. If you don't find yourself completely smitten with the story, I'll eat my hat. If I owned a hat. Oh crap! I need a hat for New Zealand. Boo. I digress.

The story is set on Claire, who is travelling in Scotland on her honeymoon of sorts. She is investigating a set of standing stones, walks through them and finds herself transported back in time. She meets loads of people along the way, including the dashing Jamie (catch me - I'm swooning again!) and it's just one great adventure from there. I can't really give away much information about the other five books, as it will spoil the storyline, but they're fantastic. Dragonfly in Amber is set in Paris, and I adore it. 'Tis my absolute favourite. Read, Read, Read.

(This is one of the reasons I had my heart set on going to Scotland - and everytime I would see something that the books mentioned, I would get giddy with excitement. Scotland is AMAZING.)

Book #7: Cross Stitch - Diana Gabaldon
Book #8: Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon
Book #9: Voyager - Diana Gabaldon
Book #10: Drumns of Autumn - Diana Gabaldon
Book #11: The Fiery Cross - Diana Gabaldon
Book #12: A Breath of Snow and Ashes - Diana Ga

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