The Household Genetics Debate.

Before we start with this one, here's a nifty pre-warning for you.

The post you are about to read requires the use of your non-lasered and/or currently-haemorrhaging eyeballs to make some comparisons between photographs. Thankfully these were taken prior to the arrival of the burst blood vessel of doom, however you will still be subjected to several extreme close-up shots of yours truly. To
conceal as many blotches as possible ensure that the pictures are as similar as possible, they have been converted to black and white and are roughly the same size. What am I on about? You'll see, soon enough.

For as far back as I can remember, there has been a long-running topic of conversation in this household  about genetics. To put it frankly, a long time ago I came to the conclusion that I don't actually resemble my mother, father OR brother in any way and am therefore the outsider of the family. It's true. I don't look like any of them. My brother looks like both of the parental units, squished in together. My parents don't resemble each other in the slightest either, which is actually a positive because otherwise? Things could get very weird around here. There's just little ol' me, all round cheeked and puffy eyed.

We recently had some family portraits taken and after viewing the individual portrait shots, I realised just

how often I am always right how much I really don't look like my relatives. Mum found it pretty amusing too, so we have decided to put it to the test. And we're using our blog friends, both hers and mine, to be the guinea pigs and give us some feedback and to offer your thoughts on it all.

Your missionshould you choose to accept it, which you have already accepted by default, why thankyou, is to be assaulted with photographs and to make your subsequent judgements upon them. (If you say mean things, I may hurt you. Or cry. Or both.) Unfortunately, I can't pay you for your troubles (am poor, laser surgery) or even offer you baked goods for your troubles (on diet, cookies bad). But I can um, promise to, um, blog about any topics you are game enough to throw at me, and um, answer them as truthfully as possible. Or just give you a simple thankyou via email. Whatever floats your boat.

Alright. You've seen the pictures. You've closely examined each and every distinguishing feature of our faces, down to the very last pore. (Or, you know, you've just glanced at them really quickly before moving right along, which is fine too, cough, slacker, cough.) You've come to your own conclusions about the similarities and differences of our facial characteristics. (Oh, these big words are hurting my brain.)

Now it's up to you to help us solve 'The Household Genetics Debate': Who do I mostly resemble? Am I actually an alien who has simply taken on human form? Do I need to quit convincing myself that my eyebrows are much too pale to bother ever plucking or waxing them? And which bits and pieces of each person
do you see in my own face, if any of them? The answers lie with you, friends.

So now that I'm busy imagining myself as the Frankenstein monster (I think it was all that talk about body parts) I am going to put myself on mute and let you get on with your commenting.

To borrow a quote from Tolkien;
This task was appointed to you,
Frodo of the Shire
Readers of the Blogosphere.

If you do not find a way the answer to these questions, no one will.

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